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Watch the Summer House Season 5 Trailer for a Sneak Peak at “A Summer Unlike Any Other”

Watch the Summer House Season 5 Trailer for a Sneak Peak at “A Summer Unlike Any Other”

During a year when everyone could use a relaxing escape, the Summer House cast returns to their Hamptons getaway, only to be met with even more drama. 

PEOPLE had the exclusive first look at the season 5 trailer for the popular Bravo reality show, which resumed filming in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in July for “a summer unlike any other.”

The season’s official synopsis reads: “The drama intensifies as the Summer House crew mixes business with pleasure for the first time all together 24/7. Quaranteaming in the Hamptons, this friend group must tackle busy work schedules, tumultuous relationships, and epic parties under one roof.”

Returning for the new season are Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Hanna Berner, Paige DeSorbo, Luke Gulbranson and Danielle Olivera. The “quaranteam” crew is also joined by a new roommate, Ciara Miller, an ICU nurse from New York City who is sure to stir the pot. 

“Ciara made her presence known,” Olivera warns in the trailer of Miller’s introduction to the show. “I would f— her.”

Miller was invited to the house by Gulbranson, and the pair soon get caught in a messy love triangle with Berner as she and Gulbranson rehash their fling from last summer.

“We dated for seven months, and you f—— rub her in my face to make me feel bad,” Berner is seen tearfully telling Gulbranson in the trailer. 

Also teased in the upcoming episodes is a surprise wedding between Cooke and Batula, whose relationship grows stronger while working and isolating together. 

“I’m just excited to start a life with you and, like, a family,” Batula tells Cooke in one scene. 

Cooke later suggests, “What if we just, like, eloped?” The trailer then shifts to show the entire cast dressed in white as Radke officiates their wedding. 

Fans can also look out for Radke’s summer of “self-care,” as he previously revealed that he stopped drinking after a “rough” season 4.

“I just think for me I feel like I could still be the same vulnerable, opinionated, fun, Carl, but not having several thousand beverages over the course of the summer,” he said during an episode of The Publyssity Podcast.

“I’m looking forward to showing this side of me,” Radke added, “because I have this in me and I always have.”

Summer House season five premieres on Thursday, Feb, 4, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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