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Was Tinsley Mortimer Forced to Leave Real Housewives of New York City By Fiancé Scott Kluth?

Was Tinsley Mortimer Forced to Leave Real Housewives of New York City By Fiancé Scott Kluth?

Tinsley Mortimer from The Real Housewives of New York City admitted during the reunion that she chose her relationship over being on the show.

But she did not leave mid-season because fiance Scott Kluth made her choose between him and the show. “Scott never made me chose between him and the show,” she said during the first hour of the season 12 reunion. But, “I knew that the show was definitely an issue for him. And I knew that when we got back together it was a decision that I had to make.”

Dorinda Medley interrupted Mortimer, exclaiming she only met Kluth because she was on the show, adding that Kluth now “hates us” and it seems weird. “I left because I got back together with him,” Mortimer said trying to talk over Medley. “And he wants us to not have him and me be apart of this now.”

“But also he lives in Chicago!” Mortimer pointed out. “Would Scott have let me, if you’re saying ultimatums, still film the show? And finish the season out? Of course, he would. But because I had just gotten back together with him … yeah! I chose him over being here with everybody.”

“And yeah, I didn’t want him in the mix of all of this because it could be toxic and it could be bad for my relationship,” she emphasized. Ramona Singer applauded and Luann de Lesseps nodded.

“By the way the act of me leaving New York, for him and proving that’s how much I loved him actually solidified our relationship even more,” she added. Meanwhile, Sonja Morgan sat nearby applying hand sanitizer to her legs.

“Anyway I would not put my relationship in this environment,” Mortimer said. “And if leaving the show and leaving New York is what was going to make him know how much I love him, then I’m gonna fricken do it.”

Medley and Mortimer have not spoken since Mortimer left the city. Producers showed the moment where Medley suggested Mortimer use a turkey baster to get pregnant. “The vile turkey baster comment when women who cannot get pregnant, and the infertility is such a huge …” Mortimer said as Medley cut her off.

“I am shamed for wanting a child,” Mortimer continued. “I’m shamed for not having one.” Medley insisted Mortimer wasn’t shamed and was surprised she wasn’t already pregnant. Singer said Medley’s comment wasn’t nice.

But then Mortimer wondered if Medley would have made the same comment about producer Andy Cohen, whose son Benjamin was born via a surrogate. Medley then said she was sorry. “It was a bad joke and I’m sorry,” she said.

“I thought it was mean,” Cohen said. Mortimer said despite Medley’s apology she still said it and it won’t go away.

The Real Housewives of New York City reunion continues next week on Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.


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