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Teddi Mellencamp Opens up About Impending Move to Encino & Dishes on Her Ongoing Drama With Denise Richards

Teddi Mellencamp Opens up About Impending Move to Encino & Dishes on Her Ongoing Drama With Denise Richards

Teddi Mellencamp is opening up about her impending move to Encino, California from the Hollywood Hills.

Days after it was revealed that she and husband Edwin Arroyave were in escrow on a $6.49 million home and had listed their current home for $5.9 million, Teddi explained why she and her family are relocating before dishing on her ongoing drama with Denise Richards and addressing a controversial scene with Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“We love our house. It’s beautiful. It has an incredible view. But if the kids are going to be home all of the time, doing school and different things, [there] were certain things we wanted to shift,” Teddi said on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast during a recent interview.

Although Teddi and Edwin’s current home, which she said is his “dream home,” has a number of fun features, including a pool and play area, Teddi said that the recent addition of baby Dove has shifted the needs of their family.

“If we never had Dove, we would stay in the house because we love it. But with the newborn, and soon she’s going to be walking around, [that] would be a lot,” Teddi explained.

Plus, she added, “We love the house so much and a lot of my other girlfriends with kids live [in Encino] as well. For families, it’s a really nice area.” RELATED:  RHOBH Stars Teddi Mellencamp and Brandi Glanville Call Out Denise Richards for How She Treated Waiter as Denise Offers an Apology

As RHOBH fans may know, both Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley have relocated their families to Encino in recent years.

Speaking of the drama of RHOBH, Teddi expressed frustration in the way in which Denise attempted to control the conversations surrounding her life. While Teddi acknowledged that she had some fun times with Denise during season nine, she said she was ultimately turned off by her co-star after beginning to see “a lot of inconsistencies.”

“I think the biggest thing for me is… it didn’t seem like she was being herself,” Teddi shared. “She was being somebody she thought the audience would like. Maybe she saw something about herself from last season that she didn’t like… maybe how she talked about the ‘happy endings.’ [But] when you try to control what the audience sees versus how you’re responding with the real relationships, it affects the group because now it doesn’t feel real.”

Many viewers of the series also suspected that there was a less-than-real moment with Brandi and Kim earlier this season in which the two women joined Teddi and Kyle as they were seen packing for their then-upcoming trip to Rome. However, according to Teddi, rumors of the scene being shot after the cast trip were untrue.

“It was before the Rome trip. I have a picture where I was making fun of Kyle’s packing way before they showed up,” she confirmed, adding that she’s never known producers to be “shifty” with their footage.

As fans will recall, the moment featured Brandi dropping the bombshell regarding her supposed affair with Denise.

“In that moment [at Kyle’s], I could feel the way Brandi was feeling,” Teddi recalled. “Her hand was shaking. She was nervous. She was sad. You could tell her feelings were truly hurt. [And] I really trusted her in the moment.”

Then, as the season continued and Denise started making allegations of the rest of the cast, her denials and deflections regarding Brandi further confirmed the ladies’ feelings toward Denise’s potential dishonesty.

“That’s when most of the women knew [she] was not being honest. Each night, she came up with a new portion of the story,” Teddi added.


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