Sources Reveal Luann de Lesseps Has Been Estranged From Son Noel For Two Years as Details of Family Rift Revealed

Luann de Lesseps has been estranged from her son Noel de Lesseps, 23, for almost two years as details of a sad family rift are coming to light.

According to a rock-solid source, The Real Housewives of New York City star and her son have not spoken since early 2019, and Noel believes his mother cares more about fame and money than her family. The source is also revealing shocking information regarding her countess title.

If you recall, Luann was sued by her ex-husband, Count Alexandre de Lesseps, and her two children in 2018, but the lawsuit was later dropped in 2019. The court documents showed that the reality star had agreed in her divorce to create a trust for the benefit of her two children, but that never happened. She was supposed to establish the trust funds by selling a home she once shared with the count; however, she instead used the earnings she received by selling the home to buy another luxury estate in Southampton, New York.

An insider close to the family decided to speak with Andrew from Sharrell’s World, and this person is making some strong statements and revealing some of the issues Noel has with his mother.

“When they joined the show, Noel was 11,” the source explains. “Noel said to me that his mom completely changed after that. Luann was never the same. It was what she could do to be seen, what she could do to become relevant. He missed his mother.”

The insider goes on to claim that Luann knew her marriage to her first husband was falling apart prior to joining the show and that was the main reason she chose to sign on.

“The only reason Luann did the show was to further drive a wedge in her marriage because she knew her marriage was not going to work out,” the insider alleges.

Although the lawsuit was eventually dropped, the claims made within the suit have a lot to do with Noel’s estrangement from his mother and further added to the issues that already existed. Allegedly, the count ultimately ended up paying for Noel’s education, which went against the agreement Luann made in the divorce.

“The further wedge between Luann and Noel’s relationship came when a trust fund for his college was supposed to be granted,” the source allegedly shares. “She took that money and bought a home in the Hamptons.”

According to the insider, Luann did not want to pay for Noel’s education because she simply did not approve of his major or course of study. Noel and his sister Victoria de Lesseps are both artists and enjoy painting, but as the insider explains, the cabaret star was disappointed in Noel because she wanted him to go into business instead.

“She supported Victoria much more than she supported Noel,” the source claims. “Noel was supposed to be the family heir apparent and to be different. Luann resented him for his choice.”

The source goes on to add, “They realized how different they are from each other and how different their views are from each other. After his mother did not approve of his lifestyle choices and what he decided to become, she decided to take it out and not pay for his college.”

The insider explains that although Noel is hurt that the “Chic C’est LaVie” singer does not support him, it actually goes much deeper than that. Luann has allegedly told Noel — directly to his face — that he is a “disappointment.”

“The relationship is in turmoil and for Noel to openly say he prefers his father? He sees his mother as a too-big, gold digger and that was no more apparent when she decided to marry Tom D’Agostino,” the insider shockingly claims.

As some RHONY fans may recall, Luann and her kids had a beloved small, white dog named Aston who appeared on the show. According to this insider, in 2013 Aston was Noel’s best friend because, due to Luann’s fame, he didn’t have many friends and felt more like an outcast. At one point, Aston became very ill and needed immediate care from a veterinarian, but Luann refused to pay for the treatment and chose to purchase a designer handbag instead. The source claims this is one of Noel’s most heartbreaking and “prolific memories.”

The count apparently also resents Luann for the way she behaved during their marriage. The insider says the count was disappointed by her partying habits and the fact that she didn’t spend enough time with the family. According to the source, the count has stated that the star’s behavior toward the end of their marriage was both “disturbing and disgusting.”

And when it comes to Luann’s divorce, the source alleges Luann did not end up with as much as she had hoped for due to the iron-clad prenup she reportedly signed.

As some die-hard fans might remember, after her divorce from the count, Luann explained that she would lose her countess title if she remarried, but she did remarry. Therefore, how has she been able to retain and use the title? The rock-solid source claims she is allegedly paying the count in order to keep the countess title.


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