Shannon Beador Shares Update on Relationship With Boyfriend John Janssen After Going to Mexico Without Him

Shannon Beador prompted rumors of a split from her boyfriend John Janssen on Instagram over the holidays after sharing a photo taken during a trip to Mexico in which he was not seen.

After traveling to Cabo with her three kids, including Sophie, Stella, and Adeline, the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member was questioned about a potential breakup from John while also being faced with backlash for traveling out of the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Christmas dinner in Cabo with my girls and best friend since 6th grade and her children! Haven’t been away with all 3 of my girls for a few years now. Enjoying it all and we are being safe to follow all COVID protocol. Merry Christmas to all!!!” Shannon wrote in the caption of a photo shared on December 25.

“Did [you] split [with] John?” a fan asked Shannon in the comments section of her post.

“Nope,” she replied.

RHOC Shannon Beador Reveals If She's Still Dating John Janssen

“Where’s the boyfriend???” another fan wondered.

“We all spent Christmas Eve with John. Haven’t been away with all three girls in years so making it a girls trip with kids,” Shannon explained.

RHOC Shannon Beador Goes on a Girls Trip for Christmas

Other fans wanted to know why Shannon had traveled to another country.

“What happens to ‘LUNG ISSUE’?????????” one person asked her, giving a nod to the condition Shannon discussed on the RHOC as she and her daughters were diagnosed with COVID-19.

“I still have it,” Shannon confirmed. “But I am being careful. We all had antibody tests before traveling and we are good.”

RHOC Shannon Beador Talks Lung Issue After Traveling Amid Pandemic

Another fan wondered how Shannon and her family were being safe if they had made the decision to travel from California to Mexico in the midst of a pandemic and “meeting up with people [they] don’t live with.”

“We all were tested prior to traveling and are wearing masks outside of our rooms,” Shannon explained. “My daughters and I all had COVID this year and we have antibodies.”

RHOC Shannon Beador Reacts to Backlash for Traveling for Christmas

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