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Selling Sunset’s Davina Potratz Teases More People May Leave Oppenheim Group After Brett’s Departure

Selling Sunset’s Davina Potratz Teases More People May Leave Oppenheim Group After Brett’s Departure

Selling Sunset’s Davina Potratz has teased that more people may leave the Oppenheim Group after the departure of co-owner Brett.

The plot of the popular Netflix docu-soap revolves around the day-in, day-out dramas of the brokerage, run by twins Brett and Jason Oppenheim. Earlier this month, reality villain extraordinaire Christine Quinn announced that Brett had actually left the company to start up his own business. And now, according to Davina at least, more people could follow suit.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, the Justin Hartley apologist said: ‘I don’t know if anyone would join [Brett in leaving]. But, yeah who knows everything could be changed tomorrow so we don’t know.’

Davina also admitted that she would be tempted to leave the firm, but only to set up a brokerage of her own (something which, fans of the show will know, she discussed with Christine and Heather at one point in season three). ‘I would consider it,’ she said, ‘But I don’t know if I’m gonna do that for sure because it’s also a lot of work to set up an office. ‘It’s a lot of responsibility and liability taking on all this insurance and build up a new website and, honestly, I don’t have time right now.’

No hun, we can imagine. Although since Brett’s exit may have unintentionally opened the flood gates for a Selling Sunset exodus. Last season also saw Maya Vander broach the subject of the twins opening an Oppenheim-spin off shop in Miami, where she lives with her husband and two children. Maya had since also hinted that she may quit the show altogether to spend more time with her family.

As of yet, there is no news as to whether Netflix has renewed the show for a fourth season (although everyone we know seems to be desperately obsessed with it), but the cast – including Chrishell Stause and Heather Rae Young – were seen to be celebrating some ‘good news,’ so we wonder what that’s all about. But yet again pouring cold water on our wildest dreams, ultimate pragmatist (and frequent misunderstander of common sayings) Maya also said that she isn’t sure if the show would even return for a fourth run of episodes.

Speaking before the third series landed on the streaming platform, Maya said: ‘Full disclosure, I really don’t know about season four. ‘With the whole Covid-19 thing, I don’t know when production could happen. Things in the United States are not that great.’

Selling Sunset is available to stream now on Netflix.


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