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See Vanderpump Rules Couple Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s Stunning Home Decor For the Holidays

See Vanderpump Rules Couple Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s Stunning Home Decor For the Holidays

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s house is looking like a holiday dream as the Vanderpump Rules couple prepares to celebrate their last Christmas without kids.

Ahead of Brittany’s April 2021 due date, Jax took to his Instagram Stories, where he showcased the decor at his and Brittany’s $1.9 million home in Los Angeles in a series of photos and videos of the exterior and interior of his property.

In one of his first photos, Jax showed off his and Brittany’s front door, which was outfitted with a lighted Christmas wreath and had two tall nutcrackers on each side.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's Front Door With a Christmas Wreath

“Great job,” Jax told his wife as he panned across the front of his home, which featured a number of other lighted wreaths, garland, and a bird bath surrounded by giant Christmas balls and a mailbox for Santa.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor's Christmas Decorations at Los Angeles House
Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Shows off Bird Bath With Christmas Decorations

“So proud of her, she does such an amazing job every Christmas,” Jax continued in another video, which gave his fans and followers a look at his living room Christmas tree and stocking-draped fireplace.

Vanderpump Rules Brittany Cartwright Decorated Her and Jax Taylor's House for Christmas

In a photo shared to his Instagram Stories, Jax showed off a sign in his home that read, “Cauchi Homestead,” and gave a nod to his and Brittany’s 2019 wedding date.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Shows Off Valley Village Home's Christmas Decorations

After showing off the inside of his modern farmhouse, Jax ventured to his backyard, where his pool building featured another Christmas tree beside an outdoor fireplace.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Shows Off Christmas Tree and Fireplace
Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Shows Off Christmas Decorations in Backyard

“Now this looks inviting,” Jax wrote in the caption of a picnic table and a third Christmas tree.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Shares Photo of Backyard Christmas Tree
Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Has Christmas Pillows in His Pool House

Following his slew of images and videos, Jax shared a statement with his fans and followers, who may have felt that he and Brittany had set up their home for Christmas a bit prematurely.

“By the way, let me enjoy this holiday before the house is turned upside down from kids… thank you,” he wrote, adding the hashtag for “dad in training.”

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Prepares for His Last Kid-Free Christmas

A ninth season of Vanderpump Rules has not yet been confirmed but the show has also not yet been canceled.


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