Scheana Shay Slams Lala Kent For Ditching Her For a ‘Celeb’ Dinner After Hearing About Devastating Miscarriage

Scheana Shay’s friendship with Lala Kent has fallen apart, according to the Vanderpump Rules star herself. The 35-year-old Bravo star explained where she stands with Lala, after fans noticed Scheana and her boyfriend Brock Davies‘ absence at the gender reveal party that Lala and her fiance, Randall Emmett, threw for their baby on Sept. 19. “We weren’t invited,” Scheana claimed on the Sept. 25 episode of her podcast, Scheananigans With Scheana Shay — and she had a theory why they didn’t get the memo.

A clip from Lala Kent and Randall Emmett’s gender reveal party for their baby. (Courtesy of Instagram/@lalakent)

“There’s a priority list. That’s the best thing about the pandemic, there’s a priority list. You go, ‘OK, here’s our list of people who should come.’ And we just didn’t fall on that list,” Scheana said after her other Vanderpump Rules co-stars — Brittany Cartwright, Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, and Katie Maloney — made it to the gender reveal party. Scheana took this as a definite snub.

“I think that it states pretty clear where our friendship stands,” Scheana said on her podcast, in regards to not being invited to the big reveal. But she’s not exactly surprised; Scheana added, “Over the last few months, we haven’t really talked honestly.”

For Scheana, though, there was a particular turning point in their friendship, which happened after she suffered a miscarriage this summer (Scheana made the sad announcement in June).

While mourning her loss during a trip in Palm Springs, Scheana claimed that Lala — who was also staying in the town — failed to come and comfort her after they talked on the phone. “It was frustrating because she hears the terror and panic in my voice,” Scheana recalled, who was especially frustrated at the time since her boyfriend left her alone to golf.

She added, “I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I was devastated. [Lala] was just like, ‘I don’t like that, I don’t like that.’ And I was like ‘Yeah I don’t like that either and I don’t like being alone so can you please come over?’ And she was just like, ‘Well, um I’m going to dinner.'”

Scheana was taken aback. “[Lala] literally said to my mom, ‘If she needs anything at all, I will be there. I’m 5 minutes away in Palm Springs.’…I needed her and she wasn’t there because she had dinner with celebrities. Let’s be real.” Scheana then claimed these “celebrities” were Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, and she didn’t hide her disappointment as she added, “Let’s be real.”

Lala and Scheana aren’t known to have a drama-free friendship, however. Lala had especially harsh words for Scheana’s love life during an April episode of the Vanderpump Rules “After Show.” On the show, Lala said, “If [Scheana] could be around like hot, younger dudes and be a normal person, then like by all means, have them around all the time. But, history shows that she doesn’t know how to do that. You have hot, young boys around and then you call them your ‘best friend.’ You f-k them. You fall for them. They don’t like you back and it just turns into you crying and confused. And, then, on camera, you look crazy.”


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