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RHONY’s Ramona Singer Slams Elyse Slaine as a ‘Black Widow’ and Says She ‘Should Have Never Trusted Her’

RHONY’s Ramona Singer Slams Elyse Slaine as a ‘Black Widow’ and Says She ‘Should Have Never Trusted Her’

Ramona Singer and Elyse Slaine’s relationship hasn’t gotten any better since they wrapped filming The Real Housewives of New York City. In fact, Singer referred to Slaine as a “black widow” during the final installment of the reunion.

Dorinda Medley shares that she still has no idea why Singer and Slaine had a falling out. “She’s a black widow,” Singer says in a preview clip. “And I knew this and I should have never trusted her. Follow your gut!”

Sonja Morgan laughs and says she felt bad. “But she did betray Ramona,” Morgan insists. Reunion host Andy Cohen wonders if Singer brought Slaine on the show and then she started gossiping behind her back.

“She said to me I will come on the show and these girls don’t have your back,” Singer says. “But I will! And she didn’t have my back, she betrayed me.” Cohen says that Singer wanted Slaine to have “blind loyalty” to her and she didn’t.

“She didn’t,” Singer agrees. “And she betrayed me so why would I want her around me?”

Slaine saw the clip and responded on Twitter. “More lies by Ramona,” Slaine wrote. “If I take a page from ‘Mean Girls’ and released a Burn Book about everything Ramona said about each cast member, especially Sonja and Luann… they would never defend her again. I would include everything she has said about her ’50 best friends.'”

Cohen wonders if Slaine now became the new Barbara Kavovit of season 12. “Yeah,” Morgan pipes in. Luann de Lesseps says she and Kavovit are no longer friends. Kavovit came on the show as de Lesseps’ friend last season. She was supportive during de Lesseps’ probation but now they no longer speak.

Kavovit referred to de Lesseps as a narcissit. “That’s the thing with a narcissist, you can look at yourself and believe that everything about you is so wonderful and throw everyone away,” she told Us Weekly. “I remember last year, picking her up off the floor, literally, trying to carry her, protect her. I was her protector for 14 years. … To make it like she’s pull weeds, like I was the bad person, like Bethenny was the bad person? … My prediction? She hasn’t hit rock bottom yet.”

“You gotta have loyalty,” Morgan says during the reunion. “You have to respect people.” But de Lesseps insists the friendship demise was on Kavovit as Cohen remarks the friendship was longstanding. Singer agrees that it was the same situation for her and Slaine.

Kavovit attended the reunion, but Slaine was not invited. Slaine also announced she will no longer be on the show as the reunion aired. “In response to many of your inquires, the answer is no, I will not be returning to #RHONY,” Slaine tweeted. “Thank you for the support, laughs, and friendship. I adore so many of you. I value you, and I am always available to chat.”


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