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RHOC’s Braunwyn Windham-Burke Explains Why Husband Sean Felt ‘Left Behind’ When She Got Sober

RHOC’s Braunwyn Windham-Burke Explains Why Husband Sean Felt ‘Left Behind’ When She Got Sober

Braunwyn Windham-Burke from The Real Housewives of Orange County and husband, Sean, may be growing apart.

Fans of RHOC met Braunwyn last year during her first season on the show. She got mixed reviews from fellow cast members and the audience for her personality and behavior. Braunwyn got a lot of heat for opening up about her and husband, Sean, engaging in threesomes with other people. Even though the couple were somewhat open within their marriage, they seemed to be pretty happy.

Now that Braunwyn is sober, it seems Sean has taken a back seat in her life.

According to Us Weekly, when Braunwyn decided to get sober it started to change her relationship with Sean. “He’s known that I’ve had a problem, but part of the dynamic of our relationship is he’s an enabler and we have a very codependent relationship,” the 42 year old told the publication. 

While I’m getting sober right now, he’s also in his own community support meetings, working on his aspect of it because alcoholism is a family disease. It affects everyone…and we’re working on that.” The reality star revealed that she was an alcoholic to Emily Simpson in the premiere episode of RHOC

She also revealed that when she was under the influence she would need Sean more than she did when she was sober. When Braunwyn wasn’t drinking, it was due to the fact that she was either pregnant or nursing and was not allowed to drink. Throughout their relationship, Braunwyn was either pregnant or drinking and became very needy of Sean during both extremes. Now that she is sober, Braunwyn no longer feels the need to latch on to Sean all the time, making him feel left behind. “I didn’t need him anymore. And he felt the distance and he felt left behind. … It’s very hard on a marriage. There’s just a lot of things that we’ve had to uncover [in] therapy with ourselves and each other,” she revealed.


The cameras caught most of Braunwyn’s addiction journey this season, with Sean along for the ride. “I  didn’t want to minimize that this is a family disease, you know? And one of the reasons I was able to stay drunk so long was because Sean…did take care of me,” she said. “So he’s working a program, I’m working a program. We both know we have a lot of work to do.” The couple, who have been married for 20 years, do seem to want to work it out, but currently live apart from one another. While they do not have any plans to divorce, the couple are living separately for now, and Braunwyn is even rumored to be in a relationship with someone else.

Braunwyn needs this time away from Sean to figure out who she is and what she needs out of life. Maybe one day in the future these two can come together again closer than ever.


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