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Madison Stalker Shares Details of Romance With Below Deck Med’s “Manipulative” Rob Westergaard

Madison Stalker Shares Details of Romance With Below Deck Med’s “Manipulative” Rob Westergaard

In a scathing interview, Madison Stalker from Below Deck Sailing Yacht details her whirlwind romance with Rob Westergaard from Below Deck Mediterranean. She described an encounter that almost mirrors Jessica More’s experience, sharing that the romance accelerated as quickly as it fell apart.

Stalker teased a romance with another person in the “Bravo family” during the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion. Initially, fans thought she was dating Luke Gulbranson from Summer House. However, Stalker recently floated a hint about dating Westergaard in a Reddit session.

Westergaard denied that he was dating Stalker, however she says they were a couple and she fell hard until he ultimately broke her heart.

Stalker told the team at Bravo Confessionals that she and Westergaard started talking around the end of April or early May 2020. “He actually slid into my DMs,” she recalled. “I think a promo had just come out about the new season and naturally living up to my last name, I started creeping on everyone.”

Westergaard and Stalker started chatting. “And then kind of domino effected into having a thing,” she said. “So a domino effect thing happened where things progressed really quickly. And I haven’t dated anyone or been this emotionally invested in someone in years.”

“He makes you feel like he sees you in a light that you’ve never been seen before,” she continued. “And he has this very good way of just manipulating you without knowing that you’re being manipulated.” Stalker says she’s dating a manipulator before. “And it sucks to not have seen the signs early on,” she said.

As with More, Westergaard made future plans with Stalker. “Even re-reading text messages, he made me dream of this future together,” she shared. “He made me see it and he had messaged me multiple times about next year, for your birthday we’ll be here, we’ll be doing this.”

“It’s like a wicked game to make someone who has a tough time emotionally being with men, because I’ve been so hurt in the past, to actually say ‘I’m all about this woman,'” Stalker said. “I’ve never introduced any boy that I’ve been talking to my West Palm Beach friends. And I brought him out to dinner, they loved him.” Westergaard also met Stalker’s father and he was the second person to ever meet her father.

Stalker said although she’s not a fan of public displays of affection, they were so smitten with each other. “My heart was so happy,” she said. “And I hadn’t felt that level of smitten-ness and what I thought was safe in a very, very, very long time. If ever.”

“[Westergaard] is very good at what he does,” Stalker said. “And it’s the same regurgitated bullsh*t. Because I think I watched this Monday’s episode and he’s said something along the lines of, ‘Oh no one ever sees me.’ Or ‘Everything’s always surface level.’ I have text messages of him saying the same sh*t!”

“I was so hurt,” she said. “I flew out to see him during a pandemic in West Palm Beach. Everything was too much for him. Things became too real. Who the f**k knows? But after I left, I got a text saying, ‘I appreciate you babe.’ Like he was calling me baby and babe and my love. So in my mind I was trusting.”

He told Stalker he was going to message her after he finished an interview. “And then nothing for two weeks,” she said. “And I’m not kidding you when I say this. I knew I did nothing wrong. I did everything right and two weeks went by without him even acknowledging a text message.”

She messaged him twice. “I remember calling my dad hysterically crying,” she said. “My heart was shattered. I wasn’t shattered, it was broken. Because the best thing about something breaking is that it will mend.”

“He didn’t completely crush my soul,” Stalker remarked. “But I had not felt that level of utter heartbreak. Because you think about all these futures with this person who you are giving a lot of your energy and time to and all of a sudden he was literally regurgitating the same sh*to to multiple women while he was with you. And all about you. I felt completely and utterly used.”

The full interview is available on both YouTube and Spotify.


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