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Lisa Rinna is Being Called “Embarrassing” and Told She Needs “Help” After Posting Her Own “WAP” Video

Lisa Rinna is Being Called “Embarrassing” and Told She Needs “Help” After Posting Her Own “WAP” Video

Lisa Rinna has been called “embarrassing” and told she needs “help” following her latest Instagram post.

It’s not the best feedback as the 57-year-old Bravo face dropped her best “WAP” moves ahead of the weekend. Lisa, who has already face-swapped in the smash-hit video’s famous hallways scene, updated her Instagram on Friday from her bedroom. The perfectly busted-out moves were nothing new for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star – except for the brand-new beats.

Check out the video, plus the replies, including her daughter Amelia, below.

Lisa, known for her bikini or sweatpants dances to stars including Billie Eilish and Michael Jackson this year, had shouted out “Press” rapper Cardi B and “Savage” rapper Megan Thee Stallion, adding her own signature Lisa Rinna twist.

The video shows Lisa in her bedroom, wearing an underwear-style black bodysuit, bare-legged showing off her ripped body. Lisa got down on all fours, threw her backside in the air, and even suggestively spread her legs, alongside showing some impressive flexibility with a high leg kick.

You’ll want to watch the video in its entirety to see a male face popping in. Lisa had shouted out The Inspired Unemployed duo in her caption, which read: “When the Aussies go in. @theinspiredunemployed #WAP.”

The video clocked over 150,000 views in an hour and she did get told she was “perfect” by a fan dubbing her “queen,” but the star wasn’t so lucky with other replies.

19-year-old daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin replied twice – “Oh my,” was the first, with the second finishing “God.” The fans were even harsher.

“How can such grown up woman act like this embarrassing.”

“Wow. You need help,” another fan wrote, with a third saying their kids would be embarrassed.

“Seriously,” one fan replied, with a further user writing: “I agree!! She’s looking for attention that she’s not getting from her husband.”

Lisa’s husband Harry Hamlin is known for appearing in humorous thirst trap videos showing Lisa dancing around – and Harry basically not noticing her.

Lisa comes with her fans, and they weren’t prepared to see their favorite Housewife bashed today. One user jumped to the mom of two’s defense, writing:

@damalienanyonga haters gonna hate. Worry about yourself and stop judging. That’s what’s wrong with this world today. Negativity and judgment. Simply unfollow and keep your negative thoughts in your head.”

Lisa is not alone in having given the “WAP” trend a go. Joining her have been Miley Cyrus’ little sister Noah, plus “Jersey Shore” face Vinny Guadagnino – he played every girl and got “unfollowed” over it.


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