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Kyle Richards Tells Camille Grammer to “Get a Life” and “Move on” From RHOBH in Twitter Feud

Kyle Richards Tells Camille Grammer to “Get a Life” and “Move on” From RHOBH in Twitter Feud

Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer are going at it on Twitter as drama from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues to boil over off-screen.

It all began when a fan tweeted at Camille wondering why Andy Cohen and Bravo would “[continue] to allow the #RHOBHMeanGirls Lisa [Rinna]Teddi [Mellencamp], and Erika [Jayne] remain on the show,” saying that viewers have agreed that “enough is enough.”

Camille Grammer shades RHOBH cast Andy Cohen

“You would have to ask Andy?” Camille inquired. “I have no idea.”

Camille then retweeted a user who called out Teddi’s “ALL IN” weight loss/accountability program, alleging that it was a “starvation company” that had women “starve themselves by eating 500 calories a day” and called for the network to hold the RHOBH star “accountable” if they would keep her around next season.

“It’s suspect,” Camille simple wrote in her re-tweet.

Camille Grammer vs Kyle Richards Twitter Feud 1

Kyle then came in to back up her BFF, calling out Camille’s Twitter behavior and telling her to “move on” from the franchise since she is no longer a full-time diamond-holder.

“Camille, you really need to move on and get a life. Teddi has helped so many people and changed their lives,” she wrote. “What are you doing everyday? Tweeting about RHOBH? You befriend whoever you think will get you a ?? Talk about a mean girl ?[.]”

Camille then fired back, calling out Brandi Glanville for the drama she stirred up this season revealing the allegations that she and Denise Richards supposedly hooked up. Kyle famously defended Brandi on the show, saying that she doesn’t lie, causing many fans to point out past moments of Kyle’s that made that statement look hypocritical.

“Brandi never lies Kyle?” Camille asked, ostensibly drawing on those confrontations.

“Camille why are you so angry?” Kyle shot back. “You weren’t even involved with this.”

Continuing through the thread, a follower condemned Camille’s behavior, asking if she had anything better to do and saying that all she does is “bring people down be shady!”

“No, those women [are] ‘awful humans,’” Camille replied. “[They] tried to [d]estroy Denise’s marriage. That’s awful.”

The third part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 reunion airs this Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.


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