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Kristen Doute Worries She Won’t Be Able to Get Pregnant as She Shares Her Frustrations With Doctor’s Appointment

Kristen Doute Worries She Won’t Be Able to Get Pregnant as She Shares Her Frustrations With Doctor’s Appointment

Kristen Doute is worried about her body’s ability to conceive a child.

As a number of her former Vanderpump Rules co-stars await the births of their first children, Kristen took to her Instagram Stories, where she shared an emotional post about her pregnancy concerns following a doctor’s visit gone wrong.

“[I am] constantly nervous about the can I or can I not get pregnant?” Kristen admitted in a post shared on January 7.

Then, after the post caused some confusion amongst her fans and followers, Kristen deleted the message and explained what she meant when she had said it was “not going to happen.”

“I mean the appointment I was hoping for we couldn’t fully do,” Kristen shared, adding that she would “fill you ladies in when I get home if anyone has similar experiences they can share.”

Kristen went on to share a second post, which included a message over the screenshot of her initial message.

“I worded this poorly. The appointment I’ve been waiting for couldn’t happen fully,” she said.

In another message to her online audience, the ex-Pump Rules star, who was fired from the show last June due to allegations of racism against former Black cast member Faith Stowers, said that while she hopes to one day get pregnant, she’s not ready to start a family quite yet.


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“It’s just been a lot of anticipatory anxiety for the last two months of the unknown…of what was going on with my body. I’m 37 and hoping to get pregnant but not this minute,” she revealed.

Kristen also went into further detail about the situation in a series of videos posted to her Instagram Stories.

“Sorry, I guess wording is everything. I was very, very stressed out,” Kristen explained.

“Long story short, women, if you can feel me and understand this, I made an appointment with a referred OBGYN in LA. But I had to make this appointment… many months ago. That being said, let’s just get real personal. I’ve had really off cycles lately and it’s been making me really nervous because of my age,” she continued. “And going in today, they were not able to do the tests we were hoping for so it really stressed me out and kind of broke my f*cking heart. But we did the best we could with what we could do.”

According to Kristen, who has been dating boyfriend Alex Menache for nearly a year, she received “good news” during her doctor visit and plans to revisit the issue “in a couple of months.”


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