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Kelly Dodd Leaks Video of Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s License Plate and Slams Her as “Thirsty” and a “Loser”

Kelly Dodd Leaks Video of Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s License Plate and Slams Her as “Thirsty” and a “Loser”

Kelly Dodd went on a rant against Braunwyn Windham-Burke on Instagram on Tuesday, November 10.

After first calling out the mother-of-seven for regularly leaving her children in the care of nannies, the Real Housewives of Orange County star slammed Braunwyn as a “loser” before suggesting she doesn’t pay taxes and calling her out for spreading lies and being boring.

In the first of several videos shared to her Instagram Stories, Kelly accused Braunwyn of copying one of her facial procedures before telling her fans and followers her castmate has done nothing with her life.

“She’s such a poser and a loser and she’s never done anything with her life,” Kelly said of Braunwyn.

In another video, Kelly was seen filming outside of Braunwyn’s rental home.

“Here’s Braunwyn’s house. Braunwyn’s lived here for two years. Why do you still have Florida plates, Braunwyn?” Kelly asked. “[My husband Rick Leventhal] just moved here from New York. He had to get California plates. Are you not paying your taxes, Braunwyn? Are you not paying your taxes? You still have Florida plates? Oh my God, hypocrite!”


After a number of fans slammed the RHOC cast member for exposing Braunwyn’s home and license plate on social media, Kelly pointed out that Braunwyn has exhibited far more dangerous behavior.

“What’s more dangerous, me showing a dark house and a license plate linked to a Florida address where Braunwyn doesn’t live… or her calling me a racist and homophobic in a nationally televised interview?” she asked.

“She’s already shown her home on TV and advertised the neighborhood where she lives. I revealed nothing except her out of state plates and more of her phony life,” Kelly continued along with several critical hashtags, including “#victim, #fake, #phony, #liar, #thirsty, #whackjob, #braunwynwindhamburke, #hypocrite,” and “#hypocrisy.”

In the comments section of her post, Kelly proceeded to bash Braunwyn for being the problem of the RHOC cast and took aim at her looks before targeting her “lies and hypocrisy” and agreeing she’s both “boring and thirsty.”

“When you don’t get along with anyone on the cast – maybe it’s not them, but you,” a fan suspected.

“OMG YES,” Kelly replied.

“Is she really 42?” another asked.

“She looks 52,” Kelly noted.

Someone else told Kelly to focus on her own happiness and “screw Brawny.”

“Thanks but it’s just dangerous and irresponsible for her to go on national television and make false accusations against me and my [cast mates] .. [she] needs to be exposed for her lies and hypocrisy!!!” Kelly explained.

“Braunwyn is a fruitcake!!! [She’s] like the wind going in every direction trying to have any type of storyline. It’s exhausting [and] she’s boring and thirsty,” another person shared.

“Well said,” Kelly agreed.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 15 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.


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