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Kate Chastain Thinks All of the Current Below Deck Med Crew are “A**holes” and “Morons”

Kate Chastain Thinks All of the Current Below Deck Med Crew are “A**holes” and “Morons”

Kate Chastain from Below Deck has been accused of throwing an ample amount of shade Hannah Ferrier’s way during her Below Deck Mediterranean recaps.

Chastain says she knows fans think she’s being biased in her commentary, but she insists she has enough shade to throw toward the entire Below Deck Med cast. While she shared during a recent episode that she and Ferrier no longer speak, Chastain insists she is calling it as she sees it.

“I said I was unbiased although people don’t think that,” Chastain said on Hannah Berner’s Berning in Hell podcast. “I promise, I was unbiased. [People said] ‘You talked sh*t about Hannah [Ferrier], you talked sh*t about Kiko [Lorran]. I was like, ‘No. I talk sh*t about all of them.”

Chastain showed deference toward Lorran when he was fired. She wasn’t entirely sure Captain Sandy Yawn fired him and applauded Lorran when he rallied at the end of the episode.

But she said to Berner, “I think they’re all a**holes and I think they’re all morons,” she continued. “That whole season, it’s a sinking ship. Get in the life raft, I mean, no.”

“I think Below Deck, in general, has become a bigger animal,” she said. “When I started it was just one original. I mean it gets pretty good ratings as a show and it’s a genius concept. It’s a confined environment so that’s already a pressure cooker.”

“And you’ve got the charter guests coming in and out,” she continued. “It’s also aspirational because it shows the charter guests. It’s also work. Stressed out. Its the perfect recipe for good TV.”

“The problem is you’re also working on a yacht, which is kind of dangerous,” she added. “The fear of being fired is a great motivator. So then they got a Mediterranean franchise and a sailing franchise.

Berner joked that next might be a kayaking franchise.

“The show’s been going on for a while and they’ve got a lot of franchises,” Chastain added. “I’m not sure it’s happened yet, but it might happen soon. You’re gonna start scraping the bottom of the barrel of like qualified yachties that want to do the show.”

“Every other Bravo show maintains a core cast,” Chastain pointed out. “Below Deck has a revolving door which makes it great.”

Berner then wondered how Chastain handled constantly dealing with new people every season. “It’s not only that but they suck at their actual job,” Chastain said. “I can tolerate anybody for a long enough time. There was so much work that literally had to be done. I feel like a lot of the episodes should have been called, ‘Let’s put a bunch of a**holes on a boat with Kate and see how she reacts.’ Season 4.”


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