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Karen Huger Shades Gizelle Bryant’s “Bloated” Body And Calls Her the “Thirstiest” Cast Member on RHOP

Karen Huger Shades Gizelle Bryant’s “Bloated” Body And Calls Her the “Thirstiest” Cast Member on RHOP

Karen Huger is shading Gizelle Bryant‘s “bloated” body and calling her “thirsty.” She also claims that Wendy Osefo made some bad choices.

Karen has seemingly suggested that Gizelle may have an alcohol problem due to the swelling in her ankles, hands, and face. This comes from a conversation Karen had with comedienne Luenell Campbell.

“I don’t know. Have you seen? Have you seen her lately?” Karen asked. “Noooo. Well, she’s very, her face is very bloated, her hands are bloated, her ankles are bloated. It almost looks like, it’s like, um, alcohol inflammation, ya know?”

Karen went on to claim that she’s concerned for her Real Housewives of Potomac co-star.

“I’m like, ‘Are you okay,’” she quipped. “Is your business okay? What is going on?’”

The Grand Dame revealed that she sincerely cares about her co-star and she’s hoping everything is okay with her, but she quickly changed her tune and began complaining about Gizelle’s behavior on the show. Karen said she’s tired of how opinionated the EveryHue Beauty founder is regarding everyone else, but she remains so closed off when it comes to her own personal life.

Luenell offered her sentiments by saying, “it don’t work like that,” and Karen agreed.

“It don’t work like that. It worked like that for four years for you, but time is up. Let’s see what Gizelle is about,” she said.

As far as the rest of the RHOP cast, Karen claims that she has been in touch with all the other ladies since the reunion, but she hasn’t heard from Gizelle. Karen says the green-eyed beauty needs to “get it together.”

Luenell then asked the wig expert to name the thirstiest cast member, and Karen’s response wasn’t surprising.

“Gizelle. Gizelle. I would say Gizelle is the thirstiest one,” Karen responded.

The conversation then turned to Wendy as the La’Dame fragrance creator complimented Wendy’s intelligence, but she explained that her newest castmate didn’t make the best decisions in her first year on the show. Luenell agreed and admitted that the “jury’s still out” as for whether or not she’ll be a fan of Wendy’s next season.

Finally, after Luenell praised her for using her platform to launch several successful business ventures, Karen offered a piece of advice for any future Housewives.

“You’re not gonna get rich, um, by being a Housewife. You will get rich by using the platform and branding yourself, if you’re smart,” she said. “Consider that.”

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