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Jim Edmonds Explains How He Was Edited to Look Bad on RHOC as He Slams Show For ‘Fake’ Drama and Manipulative Editing

Jim Edmonds Explains How He Was Edited to Look Bad on RHOC as He Slams Show For ‘Fake’ Drama and Manipulative Editing

Although he’s been off The Real Housewives of Orange County for some time, Jim Edmonds has a few thoughts about the franchise.

Fans got to witness Jim’s married life to now estranged wife Meghan King Edmonds during his stint on the show, but he insists in a new interview that the show portrayed a different kind of reality than what really happened.

“I do care what people think, but I am starting to realize that the people who are commenting are Housewives fans and then I was portrayed a little different and that’s fine because that’s not me, that’s not my reality, that was not even my show, I just happen to be on it,” the 50-year-old explained on SiriusXM’s The Highway on August 27. “Their idea, what I was told by Terry Dubrow right away, they’re gonna make you look bad because if your wife doesn’t perform they’ve got something to fall back on … which is you two arguing. So I kind of accepted that.”

Jim went on to explain how production managed to do that, chalking the details up to manufactured editing. He noted that editors would take certain moments out of context and add to other clips, making it seem like something it wasn’t.

“It was really funny because what they did, they spliced stuff so bad,” Jim told radio host Storme Warren. “They would show me, I was waiting for my [Meghan] to come downstairs, I’m sitting on the couch on my phone I’m just flipping through it and she comes downstairs and I put it down and she asks me something like a hot topic and they slice it back to me on my phone, which I was on my phone thirty minutes prior to her coming down the stairs […] They make you look like you don’t care and all that.”

Did you ever wonder how much of the #RealHousewivesOfOrangeCounty drama is legit? Well, Jim Edmonds is here and he’s got answers! #RHOC #TheHighway

— SiriusXM The Highway (@SXMTheHighway) August 27, 2020

Although Jim had some not-so-great things to say about the RHOC, he did admit he made “some good friends” as well as a few “really fun enemies,” including Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson.

The father of seven alleged that as producers began to worry about ratings, they directed the cast to beef up their drama a bit more. He explained how Kelly seemed to take to that advice pretty well.

“The first year was a blast, then the second year the ratings were kind of up in the air, they were kind of like ‘Hey if you fight more …’” he divulged. “And then the third year, Kelly came on and she just went straight for the jugular and I was like, it felt like now people are coming on to these shows with so much background that they already know that they need to fight and go along the bad person’s side to get publicity and for them to stay on.”

As for returning to reality TV, Jim admitted he would only take the plunge again if he had “creative control” throughout the process. For now, he’s enjoying the real life he has (even though some very real drama continues to take place).

“I like my life now. I spend a lot of time with my friends and I have an amazing woman in my life with Kortnie [O’Connor] and we’re having a blast,” he said. “I built a house and all of my kids are comfy and here in St. Louis and it couldn’t be better right now. I’m really starting over and enjoying my life.”


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