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Jillian Michaels Calls Out Teddi Mellencamp For All In Business By Telling RHOBH Alum To “Stay In Her Lane”

Jillian Michaels Calls Out Teddi Mellencamp For All In Business By Telling RHOBH Alum To “Stay In Her Lane”

Jillian Michaels recently took aim at Teddi Mellencamp and Andy Cohen.

While appearing on a podcast earlier this week, during which she dished on health and fitness, the former Biggest Loser trainer reacted to the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member’s All In accountability business before reigniting her years-long feud with the Watch What Happens Live host.

“They’re not nutritionists. They’re not registered dietitians. It sounds like they’re not certified fitness experts,” Jillian told Zack Peter and Abigail Fraher on their #ADULTING podcast on Tuesday, November 24 of Teddi and other influencers who own wellness-related businesses. “And it doesn’t sound like they got all of those individuals behind their program.”

According to Jillian, she is unfamiliar with the ins and outs of Teddi’s business, which has faced criticism in recent months, but believes the mother of three doesn’t know enough about health and fitness to be running her own business.

“You don’t see me commenting on politics. I don’t understand half these policies. I am not an economist. That’s not my lane,” she explained. “I would say [to Teddi], ‘Stay in your lane. And when you’re in your lane, do your work. Do the work so that when they come for you, you can [shut it down].’”

Months ago, following her exit from RHOBH, Teddi was accused of using All In to promote “starvation diets” and “unsafe workouts” and, as Jillian noted, that was likely due to the fact that Teddi doesn’t know enough about the industry.

“If [you] don’t have credentials to go out there and put something in the space or [you] didn’t get the individuals with the credentials to do that, then you’re setting yourself up to get attacked,” she stated.

Moving on to Andy and Today co-host Al Roker, Jillian said that after Andy named her as his “Jackhole of the Day” on WWHL after she slammed the keto diet and Al accused her of promoting bullying and deprivation, both men suddenly disappeared and wouldn’t address the issue.

“I was like, ‘Great! Let’s have this debate!’ Gone. Vanished!” she recalled. “You have to do your work and be prepared in order to put something out in the world that has staying power and that delivers on the results.”

“You want to talk keto? I will blow you out of the water. I know everything about it. Why? Because I wrote a whole book,” she added.


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