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Jax Taylor Talks About Brittany Cartwright’s ‘Tough’ Pregnancy and How She Has Been ‘Horribly Sick’ Every Day

Jax Taylor Talks About Brittany Cartwright’s ‘Tough’ Pregnancy and How She Has Been ‘Horribly Sick’ Every Day

Brittany Cartwright’s pregnancy journey hasn’t been smooth sailing, husband Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules recently shared.

Taylor and Cartwright recently joined the Vanderpump baby boom and announced they too were expecting a baby. However, Taylor said Cartwright had some rough early months, which had him hoping their son wouldn’t end up being an only child. Taylor and friend Katie Maloney-Schwartz discussed impending parenthood and how sick Cartwright was during the early months.

“Obviously, for her, it’s a very real thing because she’s been, you know, experiencing a lot of morning sickness, even though it’s all day sickness,” Maloney-Schwartz said on her Dear Media You’re Gonna Love Me podcast.


“I do, I have sympathy, pains,” Taylor admitted. “I get up at least three or four times now to go to the bathroom. Like she’ll get up and then I’ll go. She’ll get up. And then I’ll go. Like, it’s crazy. I’ve never, I never ever wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.” But now, it’s, “Three times, at least three, usually around two, but at least three.”

Taylor seemed genuinely worried about how sick Cartwright was during the early months of her pregnancy. “I feel so bad for her because she, Brittany is having a little rougher pregnancy than some people,” he said.

“I mean, every woman is different, but she’s literally thrown up every single day,” he continued. “And she’s constantly throwing up, but you know, the doctors think that’s normal. It’s a healthy baby.” Maloney-Schwartz noted that once Cartwright got into week 16 of her pregnancy, she started to feel better. “She was sick every day, horribly,” she recalled. “And then like right when the 16th week started, it’s like overnight, just everything changed.”


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“I was asking her, I was like, is this going to, I mean, you’ve had a rough ride,” Taylor said. “I was texting you this morning. I’m like, is this going to make you not want to have another one? And she’s like, no, not yet. I’m still gonna do it, but I’ve heard that some rough pregnancies make it so moms don’t want to have another one after that because they don’t want to go through that again.”

Although she was horribly sick, Cartwright still remained as sunny and optimistic as ever. “I mean, I’ve, you know, I’ve thrown up when I got hungover, but I can’t imagine throwing up for months on end,” he said. “I just cannot imagine that women have it tough, you know, they really do. She’s like, well, I don’t have my period anymore, but I throw up every day.”

“I mean like yeah, it’s either being pregnant or like literally having cramps and bleeding for a week,” Maloney-Schwartz said. “Like this sucks why can’t like, there’s nothing that guys have. Like, why is it this way?”

Taylor reiterates that he has a lot of empathy for his wife. “Yeah. I, you know, the more that I see Brittany going through what she’s going through, I have like, I have serious sympathy pains for her,” he said.

Cartwright’s baby is due in April 2021 and the couple shared they are having a boy.


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