Jax Taylor Shares His Biggest Regrets and Credits “Weed” For His Marriage to Brittany Cartwright

Jax Taylor appeared on an episode of Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson‘s podcast earlier this week, where he opened up about the regrets he has from his younger years in Hollywood.

After admitting to making up stories and attempting to live beyond his means in an effort to “get to the top” of the entertainment industry, the former Vanderpump Rules cast member said that if it weren’t for weed, he probably wouldn’t be married to his wife, Brittany Cartwright.

“When I came to Hollywood, I was trying to make a name for myself, constantly telling people stories, things that weren’t true, trying to be accepted with my peers, trying to live out of my means, that I wish I could take back,” Jax said on the April 8 episode of the Daddy Issues podcast after being asked about his regrets.

“I was just trying to be accepted. I felt like I couldn’t get involved in a conversation if [wasn’t] stretching the truth,” he continued. “There was a lot of bullsh*t I said to get to the top [and] because I was telling so much bullsh*t, there were so many lies I was caught in. It was tough.”

According to Jax, being on a reality show didn’t make things any easier, especially when he was portrayed inaccurately on Pump Rules.

“I would never blame the editing but I feel like there were some instances that I was shown on TV and that wasn’t the real me. It was a bummer because my wife and I were like, ‘That’s not how it happened,’” he recalled, adding that his on-screen persona makes him upset “for [his unborn] son,” who is due later this month.

“I just want to make sure he knows that his dad was just doing his job,” Jax shared.

Moving on to his use of weed, Jax said the drug has made him an overall better person.

“It not only helped with my anxiety, it helped with my marriage, it helped with my friends. I’m just a calmer person. I don’t let things bother me. I have a very, very short fuse and the weed, I probably wouldn’t be with my wife right now if it wasn’t for weed, to be honest with you,” Jax confessed.

“It makes me happy. It’s making my life better,” he added.

That said, when it comes to his use of edibles, Jax only takes them at night.

“I don’t take edibles during the day because I’ve done that and I literally want to go into a corner and such my thumb,” he revealed. “I take them at night. In my Hollywood fun days, I would take that stuff during the day. But now, being a father, I need my sleep. So I take it before bed [and] I get a good night’s sleep.”

Also during the podcast appearance, Jax confirmed he stopped drinking after seemingly developing an intolerance to alcohol.

”About a year ago, I went out for a drink and I had a sip and I got sick, went out a couple nights later, got sick again. So I had to give up alcohol. My body just said, ‘No more,’” he stated.


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