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Is Erika Jayne the Next to be Fired from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Is Erika Jayne the Next to be Fired from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Erika Jayne from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills removed her diamond from Instagram that indicated she was a cast member on the show.

This move sparked rumors that Jayne was either demoted to “friend” status or is off the cast roster. Fans get suspicious when a Housewife removes her franchise insignia. Typically this means the cast member is in contract negotiations, demoted or is leaving the show altogether.

This isn’t the first time viewers thought Jayne was going to be demoted or was leaving the series. Some fans were convinced Jayne would not return for season 10 either.

No official word or comment from Jayne or Bravo about her status on RHOBH. However, a few Bravo influencers stirred the pot with speculation she was demoted. “Reportedly Erika has been demoted! Bravo says No diamond for you Pasadena Puss! Thoughts?” Bravo Snark Side shared on Instagram.

Also, Real Housewives Confessionals asserted that Jayne simply turned down the role as friend and won’t return. “Rumor has it Erika is not returning to #RHOBH next season after she was offered a Friend of role and turned it down… would you miss Erika next season if she didn’t return?” the account shared on Instagram.

An anonymous insider told Celeb that Jayne will return as a friend next year, but is not happy.

Jayne recently pivoted from Housewives to promote her part in Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Vol. 2 Fashion Show on Amazon Prime. Jayne joins celebrities like Lizzo, Normani, Demi Moore, and Bella Hadid, Harper’s Bazaar reports.

Miguel, Rosalia, Travis Scott, and Bad Bunny are part of the musical component of the show. “It was a completely different process this year. We had to work around the challenges of COVID-19, keeping everyone safe and their health at the top of our list,” Rihanna told People about protocols for this year’s show.

“It forced us to figure out new ways to produce a show,” she continued. “We had to figure out ways to make this feel as visually enthusiastic as possible. I’m excited, and I’m proud of my team–we pulled it off.”

Some viewers did not think Jayne was going to return for season 10. The rumor mill churned when (again) Jayne removed the series insignia from her social media, US Weekly reports. But an anonymous insider confirmed with US Weekly that Jayne was going to be on the season 10 cast roster.

In fact, a 2019 Reddit thread almost mirrored the current rumors that Jayne was demoted. “I’m not sure if this was posted already, but I saw that Erika Girardi was demoted to ‘Friend’ for this next season of RHOBH…UPDATE: Apparently it was edited to say she’s still a ‘main’. I don’t understand why anyone would edit wikipedia with unconfirmed info but apparently those people are out there.”

Bravo has issued no official word on the season 11 cast lineup. But, Teddi Mellencamp and Denise Richards both will not return next season.


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