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How Much is Tracy Tutor From Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Worth?

How Much is Tracy Tutor From Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Worth?

  • Tracy Tutor from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is at the top of her game in career and love. She's got a new man and that's just the beginning.

Bringing the estrogen as the first female realtor on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles in 2017, Tracy Tutor came prepared. Not only did she bring some ‘glam girl’ sparkle to the show, but she also had the real estate ‘bona fides’ to back up her game.

Tutor is considered one of Douglas Elliman Real Estate’s prized brokers. Her specialty is high-end properties in Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Brentwood, and West Los Angeles. Her client base includes actors Edward Norton and Channing Tatum, and one of her running pals is believed to be actress Angie Harmon. In this season’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles finale, Tracy joined forces with a fellow broker and castmate, Josh Altman, to sell a legendary and spectacular home, which was built in 1926. It was once owned by the late acting great, John Barrymore (Drew Barrymore’s late grandfather). While Barrymore owned it, the house featured an opium den.

Tracy Tutor turned 47 in August and she made her Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles season 10 debut with a life that seemed to reach the trifecta of wife, mother, and career. However, near the season’s end, viewers got a closeup look at the unraveling of her life. Suddenly, what seemed to be a Hallmark Channel-style existence, featuring two gorgeous children, a hot model-turned-construction industry executive husband, a sprawling house, and a thriving career, was spinning out of her control. By MDLLA season 11, viewers gleaned more about her divorce from husband Jason Maltas, to whom she was married for 13 years.

According to Earthenecklace, the clichéd ‘irreconcilable differences’ was why the marriage was breaking up. However, viewers could see that Jason and Tracy’s demanding careers were probably at fault. Fortunately, the couple ended their marriage amicably. They share joint custody of their girls, Juliet and Scarlett, and agreed to an equitable division of assets. Neither one asked for spousal or child support payments, and Tracy retained possession of the couple’s home, which they purchased for $13.5 million in 2009.

Tracy said that the most challenging aspect of divorce and a reality TV real estate career is having less time with her children: “It’s been a difficult time, but the hardest part is that I don’t see my girls every day because we share custody.” Tracy also added, “When I don’t have my kids, I try to focus much more on work and friends. And when my kids are with me, I’m laser-focused on them.”

Since shedding her old life for a newer one, Tracy put their massive Brentwood house on the market for $24 million. Last November, the house was finally sold to a Hong Kong billionaire for $19.7 million. Tracy’s total net worth is currently unknown as she keeps this private, however, with the sale of her marital home and plenty of real estate deals past and present, we can assume she’s currently worth a pretty penny.

As she moves forward, Tracy is enjoying her reenergized love life. Last month, in celebration of her birthday, she and her new boyfriend (trainer Erik Anderson) frolicked on the Tahitian sands of Bora Bora, where they braved the ocean, playing with lemon sharks and stingrays.

In the July issue of People magazine, Tracy revealed that during the pandemic’s early onslaught, she and Erik had what they thought was the flu. They were in Mexico at the time and didn’t realize they might have contracted the Coronavirus.

Upon their return to the United States, everything was on lockdown, so the couple hung out together. Then, she started to feel ill. Tracy went to her doctor, suspecting she may have the virus, but was told she wasn’t symptomatic enough to get tested. Consequently, her doctor told her she probably had the flu or some type of virus. Tracy noted that this diagnosis was before information about asymptomatic cases was widely known.  It wasn’t until weeks later (when she tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies) that the MDLLA star found out she had COVID-19. So did her new man.

A born and bred Los Angeles native, Tutor was baptized in the ways of real estate at a very young age. Her father Ronald Tutor is the stuff of which real estate legends are made. The CEO of Tutor-Perini (this company is believed to be one of the country’s biggest general business contractors), Mr. Tutor is rumored to have a net worth of $790 million dollars. Not a man to rest on his laurels, he also is president of a civil works construction company named Tutor-Saliba. Real estate runs in the bloodline of the Tutor family. A.G. Tutor is her grandfather. In 1949, he founded a real estate company named A.G. Tutor Co.

Though she was born into a well-off real estate family, Tracy’s type-A personality is its own self-powered engine. After graduating from the University of Southern California (her father’s alma matter) with a theater arts degree, Tracy parlayed her experience at Tutor-Perini into a position at Sotheby’s International Realty. Nine years later, Tracy catapulted to broker gigs at Partners Trust and The Agency, located in Beverly Hills. By 2014, Tracy Tutor was working as a broker at Douglas Elliman, where she is considered one of the company’s top real estate brokers.

Her work at Douglas Elliman, her industry reputation, and her experience working in her father’s company made her totally ready for her next opportunity. This time, it would be thousands of miles away from Los Angeles, smack dab in the Middle East. After a rigorous two-week selection process in which she was flown out to Dubai, Tracy was named Ambassador of the Royal Atlas Residences, in April 2019.

Though Tracy is enjoying Million Dollar Listing real estate success, she is quick to point out that all that glitters was not initially gold. She’s battled her fair share of sexist mentalities in the industry, “The first 14 years of my career were completely dominated by men being in my office, and I was tired of it,” she said to People magazine. Tracy said that after working in several real estate firms over the years, her current job at Douglas Elliman Real Estate, which is headed by a female CEO, is the first place she’s felt valued. As she settles into this new phase of her personal life and career, her Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles fans value her victories, too.


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