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How Much do Kate Chastain, Captain Lee Rosbach, and the Other Stars of Below Deck Earn on Instagram?

How Much do Kate Chastain, Captain Lee Rosbach, and the Other Stars of Below Deck Earn on Instagram?

Packed with drama and glam, the supersyacht staffers from Below Deck have been keeping themselves busy.

So busy in fact, that a lot of them have developed a side hustle on Instagram, earning thousands per social media post if sold to the right bidder.

How much? Well, new data configured by the Digitaloft team has revealed just who has been making the most tips on the web as well as on ship.

So who’s made it to the Below Deck Rich List?

Here’s the top 10 ranking stars and their earnings:

1. Kate Chastain ($3,056 per post)

kate chastain below deck
Kate is the top potential earner from the show (Picture: Instagram)

Kate has been on the main series of Below Deck since season two, and since then has amassed an impressive 672,000 Insta followers.

That means, according to the pros, she could earn more than $3,056 per post.

Queen of the seas and social media – quite the double threat.

2. Ben Robinson ($2,109 per post)

Ben Below Deck
Chef Ben keeps his fans updated with recipes and adventures at sea (Picture: Instagram)

Chef Ben has appeared on both Below Deck and its Mediterranean spin-off, and now uses his socials to show off his cooking skills.

A full brand in the making thanks to his profession, it would cost sponsors a cool $2,109 to have him post something on his feed to his 492,000 followers.

That’s before the extra cash he’s raking in from his YouTube channel, too.

3. Captain Lee Rosbach ($1,969 per post)

Captain Lee Rosbach below deck
Captain Lee is living the high life after the show (Picture: Instagram)

The declared ‘Stud of the Sea’ Captain Lee Rosbach is one of the show’s most known faces.

Appearing on the show since the beginning, the Captain now has 446,000 followers on Instagram.

As a result, he can also earn just shy of $2k per post.

4. Hannah Ferrier ($1,910 per post)

Hannah Ferrier (Picture: Instagram)
The pregnant star can earn a stunning amount just from one post (Picture: Instagram)

Hannah Ferrier is a Below Deck Mediterranean OG, and is now expecting a baby.

As a result, those mum/baby sponsorship deals should be rolling in.

However, she has now left the show after five seasons, being fired after Valium was found in her cabin.

She later slammed the show for her portrayal, and told Decider: ‘I think I’ve just been really disappointed because I feel I’m being painted as some sort of drug addict or what have you.’

‘It wasn’t like I went on and I was like, “Ooh, I have this Valium. I can’t let anyone see it.” To me, it’s just anti-anxiety medication,’ she added.

5. Captain Sandy Yawn ($1,476 per post)

Captain Sandy below deck
Captain Sandy’s Insta can be a serious side hustle (Picture: Instagram)

Captain Sandy, who has helmed the Mediterranean ship since season two, now has 336,000 followers.

Praised for her strong hand at dealing with the crew on the ship, she can now earn some serious tip money if she chose to via her social medias.

She has made a point of staying in control of her own socials too – and frequently answers fan questions in Facebook and Instagram Q+As.

6. Adam Glick ($1,186 per post)

below deck adam chef
Chef Adam has earned himself some serious cash online (Picture: Instagram)

Adam Glick was only on the second and third seasons of the Bravo TV show, but it was more than enough to leave an impression.

These days, he even has his own cooking show, Stoked, on Outside TV.

He has 262,000 Instagram followers.

7. Colin Macy-O’Toole ($888 per post)

7. Colin Macy-O'Toole (Below Deck)
Colin’s sponsored posts show he’s already raking in the cash (Picture: Instagram)

Appearing in seasons two and three of Below Deck Mediterranean, Colin is now showing off his golfing skills and life on the high seas via Insta.

He has 190,000 followers, which means he could earn up to $888 per post.

8. Joao Franco ($819 per post)

8. Joao Franco (Below Deck)
Joao’s time on ship could earn him a pretty penny (Picture: Instagram)

Appearing as the lead deck hand and bosun on seasons two and three of Below Deck Mediterranean, Joao can now earn up to $819 per post.

The Zimbabwe native has 174,000, and also rakes in some extra cash on Cameo, sending videos to fans for $45 (GBP33.20) a pop.

9. Aesha Scott ($806 per post)

9. Aesha Scott (below deck)
Aesha Scott also made it into the top 10 (Picture: Instagram)

The second stewardess of the Sirocco and The Wellington in seasons four and five of Below Deck, Meditteranean, Aesha has accumulated a fanbase thick and fast.

She now has 182,000 people on Instagram following her adventures around the world and many, many, many days at the beach.

She also charges $50 (GBP37.35) for a Cameo video.

10. Dane Jackson ($778 per post)

Dane Below Deck
Dane’s Instagram is filled with kayaking trips (Picture: Instagram)

If he hasn’t done one already, Dane could be on his way to earn some serious money with a kayaking deal – seeing as 99% of his photos are of him on white-water rafting trips.

The daredevil has an impressive 159,000 followers, which gives him more than enough of a platform to sell some getaways and lessons.

Ad agencies, you can thank us later for that one.


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