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How Much Are the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Actually Worth?

How Much Are the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Actually Worth?

It’s no secret that the ladies of RHOBH are rolling in cash.

How else do they afford such lavish trips, tiaras, and tea parties? But while these Housewives are wrapping up the tenth season of drama, we took a bit of a dive to see how much the ladies are actually worth.

Sutton Stracke’s net worth: $2 million

The event planner and small business owner has already carved quite a name for herself as a businesswoman. In 2015 she was named one of the top party hosts in the US (even beating out Barack and Michelle Obama), and it was just recently that she opened the doors to her new West Hollywood store, SUTTON.

Erika Girardi’s net worth: $5 million

As Erika Jayne, this singer has definitely proved she’s one of the housewives with the best vocals; her 2007 Billboard hit “Roller Coaster” topped the dance club charts. Since then she’s had quite a few number one songs in that category, which certainly adds to her overall bottom line.

It’s actually surprising that her net worth is reported to be so low, but then again she does spend $40,000 a month to look so good.

Teddi Mellencamp net worth: $5 million

This housewife’s All In by Teddy has grown from start-up to a multi-million dollar business, which is quite the impressive feat considering she’s never become a certified fitness instructor or nutritionist. Still, Instagram followers have been loving her brand of health for years and have credited it with helping them to get on track with their own life goals.

Lisa Rinna’s net worth: $8 million

Long before cameras captured this housewife’s every move she was used to the spotlight as a somewhat successful actress, which helped her accumulate some wealth. Of course, once she and Harry Hamlin wed their net worth increased, and now they seem to enjoy a pretty comfortable lifestyle.

Lisa hasn’t done a ton of acting lately, but to fans, she’ll forever be known as Billie Reed on Days of Our Lives.

Garcelle Beauvais’ net worth: $8 million

As one of the latest additions to the RHOBH franchise, Garcelle is already plenty rich and famous thanks to years of acting on the big and small screens. She’s starred in a couple of projects with her real-life bestie Jamie Foxx, and she seems to be plenty busy with upcoming projects (including the new Eddie Murphy movie Coming 2 America). It’s safe to say her net worth will probably just keep going up.

Denise Richards net worth: $12 million

Model, actress, Bond girl… Denise started out making dough when she was quite young, and she continues to rake it in with a bunch of new projects—she had at least eight series or movies in the works ahead of the 10th season premiere of RHOBH.

Dorit Kemsley’s net worth: $50 million

It seems like Dorit is always dabbling in one project or another (with a chilled glass of champagne in hand, always). She’s created swimwear and activewear lines, and she also works alongside her husband managing their management agency, Nixxi Entertainment. As for her husband? PK certainly contributes to their massive net worth as an entrepreneur and talent manager (Boy George is famously on his client list).

Kyle Richards’ net worth: $50 million

This housewife has been acting since she was four years old, so it seems like she was destined to pull in the big bucks from a pretty young age. Now, between developing new TV shows, running some high-end boutiques, and doling out advice to her CEO real estate husband, Mauricio, it’s safe to say she’s rich a few times over.

Camille Grammer’s net worth: $50 million

Camille made her own dough for years as a dancer, actress, and producer, but it was her $30 million payout from ex-husband Kelsey Grammer in 2012 that really made her rich. She may no longer be an official full-time cast member, but she continues to stir up drama with the cast as a recurring ‘friend’ of the show.

Lisa Vanderpump’s net worth: $75 million

Lisa may be officially gone from the series, but her presence lingers on as fans wonder who will bring the drama following her exit. In the meantime, Lisa is laughing all the way to the bank. Thanks to her various restaurant and bar ventures (not to mention her own series with Vanderpump Rules), she and hubby Ken Todd remain at the top of the financial food chain.


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