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Have Any of The Below Deck Med Crew Spoken to Pete Hunziker Since He Was Fired?

Have Any of The Below Deck Med Crew Spoken to Pete Hunziker Since He Was Fired?

The Below Deck Mediterranean reunion addressed the elephant (not) in the room and discussed what happened with deckhand Pete Hunziker.

Bravo and 51 Minds fired Hunziker in June after he shared a racist and violent meme. He did not have a storyline this season and some viewers even forgot who he was or that he was on the show.

He was also not invited to the reunion. Host Andy Cohen wondered what was the crew’s reaction to the meme and if anyone had talked to him since.

“Yeah, he was odd,” Captain Sandy Yawn remarked. “Honestly, I had a few conversations with him. The lack of consciousness with what’s going on in our planet and in our world. And that picture was so disturbing. I was blown away.”

Chief stew Hannah Ferrier agreed that the meme was upsetting. “Yeah, of course, its quite upsetting and disturbing,” Ferrier said. Christine “Bugsy” Drake said everyone, including Hunziker could agree the share was disturbing.

Hunziker creeped on Drake when she initially arrived on the boat prompting Yawn to nearly fire Hunziker for his behavior. Bosun Malia White demoted him from being the lead deckhand and that’s when his storyline stopped on the show.

White said she reached out to Hunziker regarding the meme. So did Yawn. “I did,” Yawn said. “We texted. I go, ‘What are you thinking?’ Like what is wrong? He wrote back, ‘Oh my God it was a mistake.’ And then I didn’t hear from him.”

“He’s just someone that doesn’t get it,” White said. “He can say as much as he wants, like ‘Oh it was a mistake,’ and whatever else. But he says these things.”

The rest of the crew remained quiet and it appeared that no one else wanted to offer additional perspective or had spoken to Hunziker.

Producers did a masterful job of editing Hunziker out of the show. However, a source recently shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet Hunziker was the one who messaged the last group of charter guests and invited them to meet the crew at the club.

Viewers only saw the crew “coincidently” run into the guests, which resulted in Jessica More watching boyfriend Rob Westergaard flirt with the primary guest. More shared on Twitter that “someone” tipped off the guests. That left viewers to wonder if it was possibly Westergaard. However, the fact that it was Hunziker means he likely had some interesting interactions with the guests too.

Some viewers also started playing a drinking game during Below Deck Med. Either they’d take a sip of booze when Hunziker would appear on camera or if he spoke. Since he was typically cut from most of the show, viewers weren’t likely drinking too much during each episode.


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