Hannah Ferrier Says Captain Sandy Had Preconceived Notion of Her Due to a Scene From Season 1 of Below Deck Med

The first part of the Below Deck Mediterranean season five reunion airs tonight, during which viewers will see Hannah Ferrier and Captain Sandy Yawn going at it yet again following Hannah’s shocking firing during the season.

In a new preview clip shared by Bravo, host Andy Cohen attempts to get to the bottom of why Captain Sandy seemingly doesn’t like Hannah.

During this season, the Captain fired Hannah after Malia White reported her for having drugs (valium and CBD) on board, which Hannah failed to declare to Captain Sandy before sailing. Despite getting some backlash from fans, Captain Sandy has remained steadfast in her decision to let Hannah go, stating that she simply followed protocol.

According to Hannah, she believes the Captain already had a negative preconceived notion of her before ever even meeting her during season two due to a scene from season one. As most viewers are aware, Captain Sandy did not appear on the first season of Below Deck Med and only joined the series during its sophomore season.

“I think to be honest with you, Sandy watched season one and came up with her version of what I was,” stated Hannah. “Within about a minute of meeting Sandy, she already started kind of talking to me about a scene that had happened in the first season.”

“What was the scene?” asked Andy.

“Me describing one of Ben’s dishes, I can’t remember every detail about the dish in two seconds. I needed some time to remember it but obviously it didn’t look like that,” said Hannah.

“Sandy, why did you bring up that scene to Hannah?” Andy asked the Captain.

“Well, it looked terrible. I mean it was awful,” Captain Sandy responded. “To me, a Chief Stew should be able to pronounce the food and know what they’re serving… but I forgot that part. I watched it, I had a preconceived idea, we discussed it and we moved on. I haven’t thought about that scene for years and every time Hannah and I show up on a boat, I reset.”


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