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Garcelle Beauvais Reacts to Deleted RHOBH Scene Which Sheds New Light on Her Comments About Amelia Hamlin

Garcelle Beauvais Reacts to Deleted RHOBH Scene Which Sheds New Light on Her Comments About Amelia Hamlin

The video of a deleted scene from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is showing a new context to the comments Garcelle Beauvais made regarding Lisa Rinna as a parent during their cast trip to Rome.

Weeks after Garcelle was seen questioning if Lisa’s racy dancing videos on Instagram might have contributed to daughter Amelia Hamlin‘s eating disorder, Garcelle reacted to a deleted scene from the RHOBH episode, which featured her discussing her own parenting struggles and her son Oliver’s past addiction issues. Then, Garcelle responded to a fan who lashed out at Lisa for vilifying her.

In a never-before-seen moment between the ladies shared on Twitter, Garcelle said that while she wasn’t trying to be judgmental toward Lisa, she wanted to be honest with the RHOBH cast.

“If we’re all going to be honest, I’m not a perfect parent,” Garcelle admitted in the clip. “My son Oliver has dealt with addiction since he was in the fifth grade. We have been through so much.”

According to Garcelle, she believes she gave her son “a little too much freedom” after striking up a romance with her now-ex-husband, Mike Nilon.

“I’m sure there are signs that I missed with Oliver, just like I’m sure Rinna missed with her daughter,” she said in a cast confessional.

“I would never judge another parent,” Garcelle continued in the scene with her castmates. “I feel sometimes that I’ve messed up because I was too lenient with him.”

As soon as one fan caught wind of the deleted scene, they slammed Lisa for portraying Garcelle as the villain, even though it was clear she was coming from a good place during their chat.

“So [Lisa Rinna] knew this was the place Garcelle was coming from but decided to crucify and vilify her to the public instead. TRAAAASH,” the fan wrote.

Garcelle Beauvais Slams Lisa Rinna for Villifying Her on RHOBH

“Yup!!!” Garcelle agreed.

Around the same time, another fan pointed out that when it comes to parenting, mothers do their best.

RHOBH Garcelle Beauvais Agrees That Parenting is Not an Easy Feat

“There’s no book on how to [raise] children,” the person wrote. “Moms do the best that we can with our Love, heart, and protection. Our children are our hearts, we live for our children.”

“Amen to that,” Garcelle replied.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills three-part reunion special for season 10 begins airing on Wednesday, September 2, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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