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Ex RHOA Star Eva Marcille Claims Nene Leakes and Other Bravo Stars Are Suing Bravo for Racial Discrimination

Ex RHOA Star Eva Marcille Claims Nene Leakes and Other Bravo Stars Are Suing Bravo for Racial Discrimination

The cast of RHOA is prepping for its 13th season. Storylines this season will focus on the ladies’ business expansion and personal triumphs, including Cynthia Bailey’s upcoming wedding. But one housewife who may not be returning to continue sharing their journey is OG Nene Leakes. Former RHOA star Eva Marcille says Leakes and other Bravo stars are prepping a lawsuit against the network.

Filming for the 13th season of RHOA is underway but Bailey says Leakes is missing in action. In an interview with E! News’ Just the Sip, Bailey says the cast is filming without Leakes, though she alleges it’s not an uncommon practice for housewives to begin shooting later.

Leakes has been open about her frustrations with the show. She believes her depiction is as a villain and cites unfair treatment. Rumors are circulating that she’s fired from the show as production and her co-stars find her difficult to work with. But, Bailey says she’s unsure if that’s the case.

“In terms of contract negotiations, it’s not unusual for people to still be negotiating their contract,” she says. “She’s great for the show. I hope they work it out, but that’s between her and the network.”

Marcille is no longer part of the franchise but she remains up to date with all things housewives. While co-hosting on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Marcille alleges that the reason Leakes is not filming and potentially not returning is due to a pending lawsuit against Bravo that Leakes and other Black stars of Bravo shows are joining forces for.

“Some of the women of Bravo are suing Bravo right now…a few of the housewives of Atlanta and some of the other shows that Black women are on have started a petition and a lawsuit against Bravo,” Marcille says. “[The lawsuit is about] the treatment of African Americans in the workplace. Now, who all agrees with that, I can’t say but that’s what it’s predicated on.”

Leakes and another Bravo star, Mariah Huq, are alleging Bravo has discriminatory practices in the way they pay and treat their Black talent.

Marcille’s departure from the show came following an explosive season 12 reunion. Her initial statement reads that she’s focusing on other career opportunities. But during a recent segment on the radio show she co-hosts, Marcille says she left the show because of producers drumming up drama.

“I think what happens is you go in – and I think all of the women seemingly go in with good intentions – but it’s a television show with no script and so there’s a lot of stuff boiling in the back that kind of gets thrown on the table,” she explains. “If it’s a regular dinner, that dinner can turn into a Maury Povich set, it just flips so quick.”

In addition to hosting The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Marcille is currently promoting her home decor and CBD lines.


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