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Everything You Need To Know About The New Crew on Below Deck Season 8

Everything You Need To Know About The New Crew on Below Deck Season 8

Below Deck season eight will be premiering on November 2 on Bravo with an entirely new crew, excluding Captain Lee and bosun Eddie Lucas.

The new trailer for Below Deck has been released by Bravo, and season eight looks like it will be amazing. Captain Lee is heard saying he has not been to the Caribbean in years and missed it. The trailer shows how the coronavirus will impact the charter season, as well as sneak peeks into the usual gripes of boat romances and injuries. The closing remark before the trailer ends is Captain Lee telling the Bravo cameras there is “no crying in yachting.

Since the departure of Kate Chastain, the yacht was in need of a new face. The entire cast, with the exception of Captain Lee and Eddie Lucas, is entirely greenhorns. None of the interior or exterior crew members have ever been part of the Below Deck franchise, and it looks like fans are in for a dramatic season. ET did a little background search on the newbies, and here is what they found out.

Eddie Lucas

Photo courtesy of @eddielucas Instagram account

Eddie Lucas is more than happy to be back on the boat. He and Captain Lee find solace with each other’s friendly faces while they get accustomed to the new crew. In the last five years, fans have not seen Eddie. He has been maturing and he is now ready to be in charge of the crew. As bosun, Eddie is hoping to lead his exterior team through a great charter season.

You can see Eddie’s Instagram here.

Francesca Rubi

Photo courtesy of @francescarubi Instagram account

Francesca Rubi is the new Kate for all intents and purposes. Francesca is said to be a complete perfectionist, and who doesn’t love to have an anal-retentive boss? The chief stew will run a tight ship while she demands flawless service. She will also make sure her two other stews use white gloves and never leave watermarks on the silver. It looks like she may have some resistance if she pushes them too hard.

You can see Francesca’s Instagram here.


Rachel Hargrove

Photo courtesy of @chefrachelhargrove Instagram account

A female chef, finally! Rachel Hargrove is everything fans were hoping to see in the kitchen! The casting couldn’t have come at a better time, since it was much overdue for the show to have a female chef with actual qualifications to show what she could do. Rachel is a five-star Michelin chef who has 14 years of experience beneath her belt. She runs a functional galley and will not coddle anyone who gets in her way. According to the other crew members, she can get hot under the collar very quickly, causing them to walk on eggshells around her.

You can see Rachel’s Instagram here.

Elizabeth Frankini

Photo courtesy of @bettabird Instagram account

Elizabeth Frankini has four years of yachting experience and will be a strong second stew. The new reality star believes in following the stars and astrology, and also loves to be of the Zen mind and body. She also looks like one of the crew members who finds love on the boat.

You can see Elizabeth’s Instagram here.

Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters

Photo courtesy of @izzywouters Instagram account

Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters is the third stew, but wants to be up on deck as a deckhand. Izzy is spectacular around the boat and knows the ship inside and out like the back of her hand. The brunette at times can be quiet and struggles with her lack of confidence, which ends up holding her back.

You can see Izzy’s Instagram here.

James Hough

Photo courtesy of @jamesrhough Instagram account

The male model of the boat will be James Hough. He claims to be the life of the party and will use his flirting skills to further his standing on the yacht. He is the typical “work hard, party harder” personality, which will work well with a couple of the stews. He may at times come across as lazy and rude. Fans will have to see how he plays out.

You can see James’ Instagram account here.

Shane Coppersmith

Photo courtesy of @sustainable.shane Instagram account

There is always a guy from California who surfs. This year the title goes to Shane Coppersmith. He is the rookie and is trying his best to break into the yachting industry. His lack of experience will be hard for bosun Eddie to handle, as at times it puts the crew in danger.

You can see Shane’s Instagram here.

Below Deck Season 8 airs November 2 on Bravo.


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