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Erika Jayne Jokes About Husband’s Mistress as Lawyers Uncover Her Role as His Company Secretary

Erika Jayne Jokes About Husband’s Mistress as Lawyers Uncover Her Role as His Company Secretary

Erika Jayne seems to be amused by how much attention her deleted Instagram post about Thomas Girardi‘s alleged cheating has gotten.

Days after sharing shocking text messages between Thomas and his alleged mistress, Tricia A. Bigelow, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member reacted to a funny mug of her “receipts” as co-star Kathy Hilton weighed in on her legal drama and new details about her professional ties to Thomas were shared.

“Can [you] send me one?” Erika asked the Cici Loves You page on Instagram on December 19, after the page shared a picture of a coffee mug which had the text messages and photos shared by Erika printed on them.

Also on Instagram over the weekend, Kathy, who will reportedly star on RHOBH season 11 in a part-time position, reacted to a conversation about Erika’s legal drama in the comments section of one of her posts.

After one fan mentioned the $2 million embezzlement case against Erika and Thomas, claiming that the former couple “stole from victims’ families,” another person pointed out that the allegations have yet to be proven. Then, when someone noted that Erika allegedly stashed $20 million of Thomas’ money in one of her accounts in an effort to hide it from creditors, the second fan noted that she was “hardly hiding it if it went in her account.”

“He’s a lawyer! I’m pretty sure he would [have] known the courts can access and even freeze his assets,” the person added.

In response, in what seemed to be an apparent admission of confusion, Kathy wrote, “????”

After seeing that Kathy had weighed in, a number of fans called her out for supposedly sticking by Erika amid the drama.

“You’re disgusting that [you’re] friends with this witch. How can you condone someone embezzling money of plane crash victims????? Being friends with Erika only tarnishes the Hilton name,” one person stated.

Another added that it was “embarrassing” for Kathy to tie herself to the messy situation.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, a number of new details regarding Erika’s professional ties to Thomas were revealed.

On December 20, attorney Ronald Richards named four companies Erika is reportedly involved with, including Girardi Financial, LLC, where she was listed as the organization’s “officer/secretary.”

At the end of last week, Bravo Snarkside on Instagram shared a couple of screenshots regarding Erika’s role, one of which named her as the “secretary” of Thomas’ company on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Former RHOBH cast member Dana Wilkey also commented on the situation, noting that because Erika was acting as a secretary, she was expected to make sure the business and its directors were acting “within the law.”

As if that weren’t enough drama, Ronald also confirmed that Erika and Thomas faced a tax lien a decade ago.

“In 2010, both Thomas Girardi and [Erika Jayne] had a large $3.2m tax lien (since released) assessed on both [of] them. This means they filed joint returns with joint liability,” he explained, noting that their impending divorce won’t help them amid their numerous lawsuits.

That said, he also revealed that because there was no separation date listed on Erika’s petition for divorce, she may have the ability to tamper with the timeline.

“If she is going to mess around with the separation date to preserve assets, that’s the only advantage,” he stated.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 is currently in production and expected to air on Bravo sometime next year.


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