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Emily Simpson Calls Out Braunwyn Windham-Burke For Physically Abusing Husband Sean Burke In Front Of Kids

Emily Simpson Calls Out Braunwyn Windham-Burke For Physically Abusing Husband Sean Burke In Front Of Kids

Emily Simpson isn’t giving Braunwyn Windham-Burke any free passes when it comes to her physical abuse of her husband Sean Burke.

Following the latest episode of the show, which featured Braunwyn admitting to hitting Sean on a number of occasions, one of which happened during a family vacation in Aspen, Emily slammed her co-star for blaming others for her mistakes while also responding to a woman who said they boycotted the show because of Kelly Dodd.

“Tonight on [RHOC], Braunwyn excuses her behavior by acting like a victim of the people and circumstances around her, not to be confused by previous episodes where she excused her behavior by acting like the victim of the people and circumstances around her,” Emily tweeted on December 9.

After sharing the message, Emily responded to a couple of fans who felt she should be more compassionate toward Braunwyn, who was newly sober at the time.

“That’s very nice of you guys to say about someone clearly dealing with sh*t… sh*t none of y’all are dealing with. Congrats on being heartless bullies. Nobody said Braunwyn is perfect-she’s wrong a lot… but she has a reason. I don’t judge or add negativity. I support/love, one person said.”

“I support love too. I don’t support physical abuse, let alone in front of children,” Emily responded.

A second fan told Emily that because she’s never been newly sober herself, she shouldn’t be judging Braunwyn for the mistakes she made during her early moments of living alcohol-free. However, according to Emily, Braunwyn’s physical assaults on her husband should not be downplayed regardless of what she was going through personally.

“A parent striking another, and in front of kids? I’m going to speak my opinion,” Emily explained.

Also on social media, Emily explained to a former RHOC viewer why she should still be watching the show regardless of Kelly’s questionable behavior as of late.

“I really liked your storyline- so authentic! But, as long as Kelly is on the show, I will no longer watch,” the fan had written on Instagram.

“Please consider watching,” Emily replied. “Think about all the other people who work hard on the show. It’s not just about us. The producers, camera men, lighting, sound.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 15 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.


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