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Did Bravo Offer to Pay for RHONY’s Dorinda Medley to Go to Rehab Before Firing?

Did Bravo Offer to Pay for RHONY’s Dorinda Medley to Go to Rehab Before Firing?

Bravo allegedly tried to get Dorinda Medley to check into rehab after filming the alcohol-fueled 12th season of The Real Housewives of New York City.

Weeks after Dorinda confirmed her exit from the show, an insider claims that while Bravo wanted to see Dorinda get help for her supposed drinking issues, she was unwilling to allow the network to exploit her for the sake of ratings.

“Bravo ultimately did end up letting Dorinda go from the show following this season as they felt that the show had been too dark when she was drinking,” an insider told Celeb magazine on September 14. “In their conversation with her, Bravo suggested that they wanted Dorinda to go to rehab like they had Kim Richards do on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – and if she was to go, they would happily pay for it.”

While Dorinda wasn’t at her best during RHONY season 12 and frequently drank too much, the source claims no one close to Dorinda truly believes she needs help.

“Anyone who knows Dorinda personally knows that there is absolutely nothing wrong in her day-to-day life and that she is the farthest thing from an alcoholic there is. Like all of her cast mates, Dorinda has fun when filming the show and drinks,” the source shared.

According to the report, Dorinda refused to go to rehab because she does not need it — and because she didn’t want her potential stint to be spotlighted on the show.

“She knew that Bravo would want to use this for a storyline due to them paying for it and she knew they’d want to document it. Dorinda is the farthest thing from desperate for camera time- unlike some others- so she certainly wasn’t going to go to rehab (which again, she didn’t need) in order to ‘make it nice’ with Bravo and have them exploit her in this manner,” the insider explained.

In the weeks since Dorinda announced her departure from the show, rumors have suggested that Bravo will ultimately bring her back to the show. However, according to the source, Dorinda isn’t on board with the possibility and feels as if Bravo betrayed her.

“Dorinda is not a puppet for the show. She feels like they used her to get some of their best moments and then threw her to the wolves. Why would she ‘take a break’ only to go back?” the insider asked.


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