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Denise Richards Reveals Lisa Rinna Warned Her She Was the “Target” of RHOBH Cast for Season 10

Denise Richards Reveals Lisa Rinna Warned Her She Was the “Target” of RHOBH Cast for Season 10

Denise Richards was reportedly warned that she was going to be the “target” of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 by Lisa Rinna.

In a series of new posts shared on Twitter, Denise, who announced her exit from the show earlier this month, responded to claims of being a difficult diva, explained why her wedding ring is typically on the wrong hand, and insisted that she did not attempt to control the narrative of the series’ recent episodes.

After seeing that one of her followers had shot down the idea that she is a diva, claiming she simply “checked out of the show” after being targeted by the other ladies, Denise confirmed Rinna had told her the women would be coming for her.

“Thank [you] ..Rinna told me I was the target,” Denise revealed on September 24. “[I] didn’t know what was to come. I missed two parties. I never would have heard the end of it had I shown up sick with Teddi pregnant [and] Erika off to do Chicago. Anyone I’ve worked with over the years I think would say I’m not a diva.”

Denise Richards Claims Lisa Rinna Told Her She Was the RHOBH Season 10 Target

Denise then responded to a second fan who said they had noticed that Denise “wears her wedding band on the wrong hand like ALWAYS” while watching the RHOBH‘s “Secrets Revealed” episode.

“What else are you trying to hide Denise?!” the woman asked.

“I can’t wear it when I’m filming my other shows,” Denise explained. “I’ll put it on my right hand or pin it in my bra. Quite often I was coming from set when I met the ladies [and] it does not change the commitment my husband [Aaron Phypers and] I have with each other.”

RHOBH Denise Richards Explains Wearing Wedding Band on Wrong Hand

When another fan, who had also tuned into Wednesday’s “Secrets Revealed,” responded to a clip from the show and said he was on producer Chris Cullen‘s side because he too felt that Denise was being “difficult” during production and trying “to control the narrative,” Denise shot down the idea. She also pointed out that she was a trooper during season 10, even after undergoing emergency surgery for four hernias.

“I was not trying to control the narrative. I still showed up to Teddi’s event a week out of surgery. I was not physically in a place to do so, I voiced it and was there regardless,” Denise replied.

Denise Richards Denies Trying to Control the RHOBH Narrative

Filming on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 will reportedly begin at the end of next month.


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