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Denise Richards Reacts to Claims She Was On Drugs Whilst Filming RHOBH Interviews

Denise Richards Reacts to Claims She Was On Drugs Whilst Filming RHOBH Interviews

Denise Richards may have looked a bit ‘stressed’ during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, but according to the actress, she was not under the influence of anything.

On Twitter, after the first installment of the three-part special aired on Bravo, Denise reacted to a couple of fans who commented on her appearance, one of whom said she should be fired from the reality series after she was “clearly on drugs” during the virtual taping in July.

“Please do not ever forget how Rinna, Erika, [and] John’s daughter have treated [you] even if [you] have to get on for [the] show’s sake. [You] looked beautiful just a little stressed which was understandable,” the first fan wrote to Denise on September 3.

In response, Denise explained that it was her busy work schedule that led her to appear run down.

“Filmed [The Bold and the Beautiful] every day before the reunion [and] also next to me during the reunion over 50 pages of dialogue for 3 episodes of [The Bold and the Beautiful] for the next day. I don’t know what made me think I could study during commercial breaks,” Denise replied.

Denise Richards Explains Tired Appearance at RHOBH Reunion

While the first fan commented on Denise’s appearance in a kind manner, the second person was more brutal.

“Please don’t bring [Denise] back next season. It’s reality TV and all she can do is run away from all of her REAL problems. She’s the definition of the word hypocrite,” the person said. “She is also clearly on drugs during this reunion but it’s actually the most likable she has ever been.”

Following the tweet, Denise insisted she did not run away from her problems before denying the person’s statement regarding her supposed drug use by confirming that she’s never done drugs.

Denise Richards Defends Herself Against Drug Rumors as Fan Requests RHOBH Firing

“I don’t run away. I like to deal [with] stuff [and] move on,” Denise shared. “When it’s brought up over [and] over a person can only take so much [and] I think it can become boring I work my a** off shooting a few jobs at the same time [and] taking care of my kids would not be able to if I did drugs [and] have never have done them.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 reunion continues next Wednesday, September 9, with part two at 9 p.m. on Bravo.


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