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Could Aesha Scott Take Over as the New Chief Stew on Below Deck Med in Season 6?

Could Aesha Scott Take Over as the New Chief Stew on Below Deck Med in Season 6?

Now that Hannah Ferrier won’t be returning to Below Deck Mediterranean, could Aesha Scott be taking over as the new chief stew?

She mused about the notion of being a chief stew. “I think if they ask me, it’s definitely something I’d think about,” Scott told ET. “But I think it’s just a tricky one because I do feel very checked out of yachting. Like I feel like that was a time in my life and I’m in a new part.”

But that doesn’t mean she’d turn down doing the show. “If I didn’t have to do yachting all around the year and I just did the show then maybe that’s something I’d think about,” she said. “But yeah, I’m not really sure.”

Scott and Ferrier are close friends, but she also got along well with Christine “Bugsy” Drake this season too. Does she have a favorite when it comes to the chief stew job?

“I don’t think I can say who is a better chief stew because they both got such different styles,” she said. “And both of them are really good styles. So I found that working with both of them was a very positive experience.”

Scott also addressed her remarks about struggling to vibe with the crew this season. She said she’s used to coming in mid-season and seamlessly getting into the banter. “But for whatever reason, this season, the crew, they just had this s**t banter,” she said. “Like I couldn’t really have like any good back and forth with anyone. That’s sort of the way I settle myself into a yacht. I definitely found it harder to find my place.” She thinks the drama leading up to her arriving on the boat may have played a part too.

She had no idea what she was walking into this season. “I thought I was the first person to replace someone getting fired,” she said. “I didn’t really realized how many crew transitions there had already been. And it’s been really interesting for me to go back and watch.”

“Because obviously when I came onto the boat I didn’t want to go around being like what’s happened,” she continued. “I kind of just tried to pick up on things. So now that I’m actually watching everything that happened, I’m like ‘Holy s**t!’ This season’s crazy.”

She only found out why Ferrier was fired by watching the show. “Hannah kind of filled me in a bit more three or four months later,” she said. “But yeah, watching it was the first time that I kind of got the whole sort of glimpse of what happened. I just felt really sorry for Hannah.”

“She’s a very good friend of mine and I’m really protective of her,” Scott said. “So seeing her when she got called into Captain Sandy’s cabin and how vulnerable she looked. I just wanted to reach out and give her a big hug. She’s been on the show for so long it seemed like a shame that that’s how it had to end.”


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