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Carl Radke Reveals the Cast of Summer House Were Shocked at the News of Hannah Berner’s Engagement

Carl Radke Reveals the Cast of Summer House Were Shocked at the News of Hannah Berner’s Engagement

Many Summer House viewers were shocked when Hannah Berner announced she was engaged, especially after they witnessed her tears over Luke Gulbranson.

And while Berner received a flood of well wishes including congratulations from the cast, Carl Radke revealed that other cast members were a little surprised by the announcement. “I’m happy for her,” Radke told Access. “I don’t wanna speak for everybody, but we were all like, whoa. Like you know, to each his own. As long as Hannah’s happy, that’s all we care about. At least that’s all I care about.”

“But yeah, I think we were just as surprised as everybody else,” he added. Radke isn’t sure when Berner met fiance Des Bishop but said, “There’s definitely some interesting overlap that I would have been burned at the cross for. But she’s happy and that’s all that matters.” Apparently, Berner was dating Bishop but was upset that Gulbranson didn’t want romance with her in the house.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet reached out to Gulbranson for a comment after Berner made her announcement. “Good for her,” he said. Radke said he’s on a group chat with Gulbranson and Kyle Cooke. “I sent [the engagement annoucement] to them because I saw it yesterday,” Radke said. “And Luke’s first response was ‘I’m happy for her.'”

“Whether people like Luke or not this season, he is a good guy,” Radke added. “Deep down I think he’s got a great heart. I feel bad for him a little bit this year. He’s definitely taking a beating. I know what it’s like. But I think Luke’s a very mature guy and he’s happy for her. That’s all he wanted was for Hannah to be in a good relationship with a good guy. And Des seems to be that guy.”

Radke said he’s met Bishop a few times. “Nice guy,” Radke observed. “I didn’t have a ton of time with him but, yeah he seems like a good guy. They were very together when I was around them so I didn’t get a ton of one on one.”

Will Radke be at Berner’s wedding? “I don’t even know if I’ll get invited,” he admitted. “Honestly, I’m not even banking on that.”

Two people who are very unlikely to get an invite are Cooke and fiance Amanda Batula. Berner recently said she and Batula aren’t really speaking months after their explosive fight that they filmed this summer. “I’m not sure,” Berner told LIT Entertainment News about whether or not she is still friends with Batula.

“And this summer I said if I’m going to be in this house with these people, and [Cooke’s] going to be condescending to me, and I know he’s talking bad about me all over the house — I can hear it, it’s a small house — when he comes at me I’m going to say, ‘Don’t speak to me the way you speak to other women,” Berner asserted.

“‘I don’t love you the way Amanda does, so don’t speak to me like that.’ I mean, Kyle literally says in the episode, ‘I want to destroy Hannah Berner,'” she added. “So it’s pretty clear what’s happening if you look through what they’re trying to show, that they clearly don’t like me.”


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