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Camille Grammer Thinks Brandi Glanville Will Become “Vile” Kyle’s New “Puppet” on RHOBH

Camille Grammer Thinks Brandi Glanville Will Become “Vile” Kyle’s New “Puppet” on RHOBH

Brandi Glanville and Camille Grammer are at it again.

The two found themselves sparring on Twitter yet again last night, as Camille continued to defend Denise Richards against the heat she received this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and then threw a few shots at Brandi. Brandi, of course, then fired back with a few shots of her own.

Camille first came to Denise’s defense when the Queens of Bravo account re-posted the shocking video from RHOBH‘s “Secrets Revealed” episode, where the curtain was finally pulled back on Denise’s “Bravo, Bravo, F–king Bravo” moment, showing a furious producer telling her to “get back to reality.”

“Not Denise snapping at production and being a nightmare to work with chile,” quipped a user regarding Denise’s behavior in the clip.

“I disagree. Denise knew she had a target on her back. Vile [Kyle Richards] is lying,” Camille shot back. “This is clearly a CYA move by production to deflect from the ladies bullying Denise most of the season and the reunion.”

Camille then responded to a poll from the Real Housewives Polls account, which asked Twitter users if they would prefer Camille or Brandi to return to the franchise.

“Brandi fits perfectly with the current cast and fills the new void in Kyle’s life,” Camille stated, most likely referencing the departure of Teddi Mellencamp, aka Kyle’s BFF, from RHOBH. Camille’s shade was also more loaded considering she recently referred to Teddi as Kyle’s puppet.

Seemingly fed up from their recent Twitter brawls, Brandi responded in kind, calling out Camille for her ostensible RHOBH obsession.

“You really want some of this don’t you b–ch,” Brandi scoffed. “You personally are the only void in both your husband & children’s lives because you spend all of your fucking time on twitter worrying about the ‘current cast’!!!”

A fan then came to Camille’s defense, telling Brandi to “stop being so bitter” about “not being wanted back” on the show, saying that Brandi was not a “match” for Camille.

“No worries I would not ever want to match her & trust me if she would keep me out of her mouth and off of her feed I’d NEVER mention her,” Brandi retorted.


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