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Camille Grammer Dishes on Why She Believes the Cast of RHOBH ‘Set Up’ Denise Richards

Camille Grammer Dishes on Why She Believes the Cast of RHOBH ‘Set Up’ Denise Richards

Camille Grammer has a few thoughts about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale episode.

After season 10’s final episode aired on August 26, the former RHOBH diamond-holder took to her Twitter to air out a few grievances. First, she prompted fans to share their thoughts.

“Your thoughts on tonight’s season finale of #RHOBH,” Camille tweeted out after the season finale aired.

Several fans responded, mostly discussing how much of a “set up” they believed Dorit Kemsley‘s party to be. They said that they thought the cast knew of Brandi Glanville‘s arrival and allegedly tried to create a confrontation with Denise Richards, who ended up not attending.

“Another staged scene. I truly believe Dorit did not know Brandi was coming, but the B—hes sure did,” one user noted. “Why was Kim [Richards] drinking?”

“They all knew she was going. I even knew that BG was going, how did DK not know? I’m not buying it,” Camille responded.

“That’s interesting…Denise told Rinna she also knew Brandi would be there and that’s why she didn’t go, but all the women stated they had no idea would be present,” one user wrote. “So many inconsistencies…”

“BG just stated she sent Denise a text before Dorits [sic] party because you knew that she would be there but nobody else knew BG was going?” Camille asked in response.

“Exactly!! They all knew and tried to set Denise up…such BS!” one fan commented, continuing the conversation around the alleged cast set-up.

“Agreed,” Camille replied.

Camille also threw a bit of shade toward Lisa Rinna, agreeing with a fan who lamented a segment on last night’s episode about Lisa’s wigs.

“Learning Rhinna’s [sic] wig names…” a user tweeted with a GIF of a bored woman slowly blinking her unperturbed eyes.

“That didn’t need to be aired. Had nothing to do with the storyline. Wasted airtime IMO,” Camille responded.

Moreover, Camille expressed her disdain over an intimate conversation between her and Denise that never aired. It was only shown briefly in a flashback.

“Thank you,” she responded to a fan who noted the disappointing brevity of the flashback. “Denise and I had a heart to heart that was not aired but I’m not on much this season so that’s how it works.”


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