Braunwyn Windham-Burke Admits She Fell in Love With Her Best Friend and Accuses RHOC Cast of Using Her Sobriety to Make Themselves “Relevant”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke fell in love with her best friend during filming on the 15th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County last year.

During a new interview, Braunwyn opened up about the one-sided relationship she was in during production while also admitting to a number of other relationships with women and taking aim at her castmates for using her sobriety storyline to make themselves “more relevant.”

“I obviously fell in love with my best friend,” Braunwyn told Us Weekly on January 18 after being asked for her “aha” moment of 2020.

Although Braunwyn didn’t say whether or not she was referring to her friend Shari, who was seen alongside her on the show, she said that the realization of her feelings forced her to address the bigger issue.

“Although that wasn’t a two-way relationship, [and] didn’t pan out, it did make me realize that… it was sort of this glaring reality of something that I’ve always known.”

According to Braunwyn, she discussed her attraction to women with husband Sean Burke on a number of occasions throughout their decades-long marriage.

“Sean and I have talked about this for years. I’ve had relationships with women while I was married before that I’ve never really talked about,” Braunwyn continued.

As for the cast’s claims regarding her suspicious sobriety, Braunwyn said no one should ever question someone else’s decision to be sober.

“It’s hurtful and I think they’re taking the easy out. They’re taking the low blow to make themselves more relevant,” she shared. “My sobriety is not debatable. It’s not. That’s off the table. I’m sober. I’m working a program. Period.”

Braunwyn went on to say that the RHOC cast should also not question her sexuality.

“While you might be upset or jealous at some of this that’s happening, you have to remember, there’s a woman somewhere in her bedroom that’s going, ‘Oh my God, Braunwyn came out. I can too,’” she said. “And those are a lot of the DMs I get every day. I get a lot of them from women my age who have felt this way and haven’t told anyone else.”

Meanwhile, during an interview with the Daily Blast LIVE last week, Shannon agreed with other members of the show who have suggested Braunwyn is disingenuous.

“I think all of it is accurate based on what I’ve known,” Shannon said of her insider knowledge regarding what is or is not going on with Braunwyn. “She’s entitled to do whatever she wants to do [but] you look at the timing and sometimes it just seems like… the timing is a little too premeditated.”


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