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Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About Split From Ex-Boyfriend Paul Bernon and Reveals If She’s Open to Returning to RHONY

Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About Split From Ex-Boyfriend Paul Bernon and Reveals If She’s Open to Returning to RHONY

Bethenny Frankel addressed her recent split from Paul Bernon and if she’s open to returning to the Real Housewives of New York City on the October 23 episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Weeks after calling it quits with the film producer and real estate executive, the former RHONY cast member offered an update on how she’s been coping post-split before confirming she and Paul had a “great relationship.”

“I’m good. I’m good. You know, not everything works out,” Bethenny explained.

Bethenny went public with Paul in October 2018, just months after her former boyfriend, Dennis Shields, was found dead of an apparent overdose following a two-year, on-again, off-again romance with the Skinnygirl mogul.

Although Bethenny and Paul ultimately decided to end their relationship last month, with sources blaming long distance, Bethenny had only good things to say about their time together.

“We’ve had a great, great relationship and I’m really happy. Not everything has to end badly. Some things just don’t continue and it’s not negative. It’s just life,” she noted.

Bethenny also expressed her frustrations to Ellen about the way in which the public had chosen to define her life by the relationship she and Paul were in.

“So many people have tried to define my life with our lives with, ‘When are you getting engaged?’ ‘When are you having a baby?’ ‘When are you getting married?’ And I’ve just realized more in life, with people being more open and honest about their lives and what they want, that everything doesn’t have to sort of end in a blue box and a bow,” Bethenny stated.

Just prior to their breakup, Bethenny appeared on Watch What Happens Live, where Andy Cohen questioned her about when she and Paul were planning to wed. In response, Bethenny told her longtime friend that she wouldn’t be marrying anybody anytime soon because she’s “still married” to her ex Jason Hoppy, who she split from eight years ago.

Bethenny also spoke of Paul during an appearance on the Carlos Watson Show, explaining that while she found relationships to be “harder” because of the way she was raised, she believed she and Paul had a great dynamic with one another.

“[It’s] that type of different thinking that I have that I do like and it takes you on some other journey,” she said. “I’ll say some amazing idea to Paul, it’s like a great idea, and then he’ll just take it in a different direction because he’s a producer, and I like that.”

On the topic of whether she’d be open to returning to RHONY in the future, following her shocking decision to walk away from the show last season, right before filming started, Bethenny made it clear, in the nicest way possible, that a Real Housewives return is currently not in her future plans.

“With being respectful to where I came from, I’m in a different place now and I think that the opportunities that I’m getting, and some of these interviews for example, might not have happened if I was still on that show,” shared Bethenny.

She added, “When you jump, you fly. I left a big financial paycheck there but I knew that something amazing was going to happen and that the journey was just going to take me in a great place and I believe in the path, and this is where I am… I’m excited about what’s happening now.”

Bethenny’s hit podcast series  ‘Just B With Bethenny Frankel‘ airs every Tuesday.


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