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Below Deck’s Kate Chastain Reveals What Would Make Her Say ‘Yes’ to Returning as Chief Stew

Below Deck’s Kate Chastain Reveals What Would Make Her Say ‘Yes’ to Returning as Chief Stew

Kate Chastain, 38, has been a familiar face on Bravo’s Below Deck for years as the hilarious Chief Stew who just doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She shocked fans when she announced her departure from the show in February 2020. But even at the time, Kate teased we hadn’t seen the last of her on our TV screens and thankfully, she kept her word.

As co-host of two talk shows on the network that helped shoot her to stardom, Kate and her hilarious one liners are back on our screens. And recently, Hollywood Life caught up with Kate for an EXCLUSIVE interview from her apartment in NYC, when she revealed that we may not have seen the last of her on a Below Deck charter!

HOLLYWOODLIFE: Tell me about ‘Galley Talk’ and why you love doing it? Does it make you still feel like you’re a part of the ‘Below Deck’ Fam?

KC: ‘Galley Talk’ has just been such a treat to do because it’s the best of all the worlds. I’m getting to watch Captain Lee and Eddie and Rachel who I all know on Below Deck and with Connie who I have known forever, while sitting on the couch, sharing my opinion. I thought it was maybe going to be awkward to watch this season after I left, so I was a little nervous, so I feel like this really was the best way to do it.

HL: You kind of get the best of both worlds. Do you miss charters at all though?

KC: Oh no! I thought it would be weird to watch but turns out, this is even better, drinking a glass of wine on my couch. If anything I just watch and go, ‘Gosh, that was so much work.’

HL: Is there anyone or anything that could get you to come back? If Captain Lee called you and really was in a bind, would you maybe make a special appearance? 

KC: If it was Captain Lee and it was a one charter only emergency situation, I’d say yes, but otherwise, I think I’d prefer to go back to the yachting world as a charting guest.

HL: Do you think there’s any possibility to have you on as a guest? Is that something we could see you for a future season doing?

KC: Yeah, you know what? After this past year, I just miss traveling so much and I am ready for it. And watching this season of Below Deck on Galley Talk, one thing I really, really missed is gosh the Caribbean waters looked gorgeous. I’m ready for a vacation here in 2021 for sure.

HL: So we may see you pop up just on the other side of the dock?

KC: Yeah! Yeah! Receiving rocket ships instead of giving them.

HL: There are some hot, hot guys in the Below Deck family. Who would you love to hook up with? Who’s the hottest to you?

KC: I’m not going to lie. This season, deckhand Rob. Where did he come from? How hot is he. So gorgeous and he’s so quiet and mysterious which makes him even hotter because you’re like, ‘Does he even speak English? Would he even like me? Like, who are you?!’ Jack from Below Deck Mediterranean. He’s pretty cute. Clearly I like the bad boys.

HL: Talk to me about your relationship with Ben these days! Do you guys still keep in touch and what’s that like?

KC: Yeah, actually he called me this morning but I haven’t called him back yet. I love Ben. We are like family at this point just because we’ve known each other for so long. We fight but then we make up, but we can go without talking to each other for about a month or so, but we always — We don’t have to stay in contact all of the time to know that we love each other like family.

HL: What’s your favorite one liner of your own that you’ve come up with?

KC: I remember — I was talking to Ben, this was season 3, and I did not mean this as a joke at all. He had just gotten there and he was asking me about the crew. And he was like, “Chef Lee?” and I was like, ‘We didn’t like him.’ And he’s like, “What about Rocky?” and I’m like, ‘Oh, she’s crazy too. We don’t like her too.” And he was like, “Wow, you sure dislike a lot of people!” and I said, ‘I am always open to hating more than one person.’ I was really being sarcastic, but also, of course, and I think that one was pretty funny.

HL: We see Captain Lee this season get really angry at Delores. Were you surprised by that reaction? Have you ever seen him get that angry?

KC: I’ve never see Captain Lee get that angry in my entire life. Not at a crew member, not at a charter guest. So, it was really interesting to me. I’ve never seen him get so mad. I think it’s because of the safety concern. He is ultimately responsible for the safety of all humans on the boat.

HL: You also do Bravo’s Chat Room with Housewives like Porsha and Gizelle. Any chance we could see you cross over? You’re a New Yorker, so RHONY would you ever pop up?

KC: I would certainly make a cameo visit, but those Housewives, they are next level. I’ve learned from working with Gizelle and Porsha on Chat Room, they are just so funny, so quick. There’s like a vibe from a housewife and it’s a little bit intimidating. Those cameras start rolling, they start working. On ‘Below Deck’ anytime there was a dramatic argument, I would avoid them. I’d be like, ‘Oh God. Now they’re upset because I asked them to do their job,’ but it’s kind of like they’re always looking. They’re like, ‘OK, am I gonna fight with you?’ They’re looking for it where as it was something that I would avoid. It’s a totally different ballgame, Housewives. I’m like, ‘Woah!’ but it’s interesting. I’ve been dying to have brunch with Sonja Morgan my entire Bravo watching life. I think she’s a comedic genius. Whether there are cameras there or not, I’m looking forward to brunch with Sonja.

Below Deck Galley Talk airs Fridays at 8pm ET/PT on Bravo.


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