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Below Deck Med’s Malia White Calls Out Tom Checketts for Cheating and Talks Being 30, Single and Giving ‘Zero F**ks’

Below Deck Med’s Malia White Calls Out Tom Checketts for Cheating and Talks Being 30, Single and Giving ‘Zero F**ks’

Malia White and Tom Checketts have been sparking breakup rumors for quite some time.

But her most recent post and Instagram stories seem to prove that the rumors are in fact true and that the Below Deck Mediterranean alum is now single.

Recently, the rumor mill has been heating up that the couple had called it quits after they both unfollowed each other on social media.

Not only was that a major sign of trouble in paradise, but the bosun also did something else that made us do a double take.

After the unfollow, Malia deleted all traces of Tom from her Instagram account.

Then…a few hours ago, the Below Deck Med alum shared a new photo but, it’s the caption that really caught our attention!

In the image, Malia is dressed in what seems like a black lingerie set.

She’s showing off her new blonde do while holding a glass of wine.

In the post she writes, “Cheers to all the ladies out there in their 30’s, single, focused on their careers & that give zero f*cks!”

Seems like a breakup post to us!

And to really drive the point home, Malia took to her Instagram stories to share a meme of Beyonce, which read, “the first time he cheats, vs. when you’ve had enough.”

Seems like we now know why they’re no longer together!

Of course, Malia still has her comment section turned off so we can’t even rifle through the comments for more clues.

The bosun has been getting a lot of backlash and hateful messages on social media, since we saw her invade Hanna Ferrier’s personal space a few weeks ago.

She took photos of pills in Hannah’s handbag and sent them to captain Sandy – which led to the popular chief stew being fired.

Fans were outraged at Malia’s actions and after a slew of hateful comments, she deactivated the comment option on her posts.

For now, we can only speculate, but thankfully a Season 5 reunion is in the works so we’re sure Andy Cohen will get to the bottom of all the breakup drama in due time.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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